Free Delta Green Quickstart Rules!


The cover of the new DG quickstart rules from Arc Dream Publishing

Yesterday, Arc Dream Publishing released their new Delta Green Quickstart rules as a free PDF (or Pay-What-You-Want to be exact).

I just browsed through it on my tablet and it looks very familiar to old Call of Cthulhu fans. Still, there’s some new innovations and ideas there and overall, it looks a bit toned down on the mechanics compared to the old CoC-based DG books.

This version of the rules are also the Delta Green RPG OGL, meaning that you can use many of the rules freely to create you own game or to publish ghastly modern day horror adventures. The DG universe is still resticted content of course, but I applaud the gesture by Arc Dream Publishing and I know that this will encourage happy RPG adventure writers (as myself) to write DG compatible materials in the future.

Awesome, Arc Dream, awesome!

Get it from RPGNow


And as a side note, today I finally broke down and pre-ordered a pretty big bunch of Delta Green RPG stuff from the BackerKit site – physical Case officer’s Handbook and a metric ton of PDFs to go with the book. Now I’m poor, but happy ūüôā

I earlier decided to not back the Kickstarter because I have all the old DG books, collected over the years, but seeing that the new game would be OGL and based on the Legend OGL pushed me over the edge. And I have already informed my players that they will become approached by DG operatives in the near future…

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