The Market – sell & trade

30 years of gaming is showing on my shelves, and I’m now aiming at consolidating my collection to games or stuff that actually will come to use for playing.

Below you’ll find links to spreadsheets with lists of what I can part with. I plan to arrange them according to game world and also game system maybe.

I’m also open to trade if we can arrange something of mutual interest. These days I’m mostly into OSR gaming, Ravenloft, Warhammer (2e and maybe 1e) and Planescape. Call of Cthulhu stuff is also interesting.

As for prices – I may be open to haggling, especially if you decide to buy several items. 

Also, I accept PayPal.

As for shipping costs that will have to be computed in each case. Boxes will be more expensive to ship due to added volume, of course. I’m in Europe, so Europeans will get slightly better shipping prices. As for shipping to the US, I think shipping is on a par with what USPS charges for stuff to Europe. 
Some examples below:

Max weight in grams Price to Europe/outside Europe
20 2 USD/2 USD
100 4 USD/4.50 USD
250 7.50 USD/9 USD
500 12.50 USD/14 USD
1 000 24 USD/28 USD
2 000 35 USD/41.50 USD

To this is added 2 USD flat if the package is considered “bulky” – thickness over 30mm or width over 250mm. So basically all game books are considered bulky.

Most larger gaming books are between 500 and 1000g in weight. Most boxes would be about 500-900 grams in weight.

This is normal Airmail shipping. No tracking possible.

Shipping times varies to various parts of the world. To Europe should be 2-5 working days and to the US 4-6 working days according to the Post Office.

Deluxe EMS International Express w/ tracking is also possible, but it’s even more expensive.

Also, this is my private stuff I’m selling – I’m not setting up shop or anything, and I’m no pro at this. Well, maybe buying too much gaming stuff in that case 😉

Please feel welcome to browse my stuff – maybe there’s that item you miss.


First out is:

1. Mystara/Known World/Classic D&D for sale

2. Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, 2e & even some 1e and 3e

Other game systems

3. d100/BRP stuff for sale

4. Traveller stuff for sale

Coming lists:

5. OSR stuff

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