Merge complete!


The three blogs are now merged into one. I have also tried to clean up the pages, deleting similar pages and so on.

What remains now is removal of double posts ( there’s a few reposts) and better organization of Categories and Tags.

To mark this historic event, I will also change the theme of the blog to the one I used for Per Aspera Ad Inferi.

As a note, merging was very easy using WordPress’ built in tools.

And the next post will be on proper gaming stuff 😉

Blog Merge

I’ve been thinking of merging my game blogs into one for a while now. I currently have 3 active blogs:
-Nerd-O-Mancer of Dork (OSR and d20 gaming)
-Liber Malum (d100 gaming)
-Per Aspera Ad Inferi (Dark Fantasy & Horror gaming)

It has become a hassle to regularly update the blogs, as I tend to write on things and games that I have going on at the moment. Also, some topics overlap between the blogs.

Over the foreseeable future I will migrate stuff to my main blog (this one). I suspect there will be some hassle with links and pictures, so it will probably be some time before things have landed.

Anyway, it’s good to have decided what to do 🙂