Lazy Sod Press | Player handouts for “Come to Daddy” available

Torgils Journal DTPRG

I made these player handouts for my own current Come to Daddy game and decided to share them.

There is on containing a summary of the Ritual of Banishment and one summary of what can be gleaned from Torgil’s Journal.


Available for free from DriveTHRU RPG or from here.

Don’t know what “Come to Daddy” is? Check here.


Lazy Sod Press | Come to Daddy now available in print on DTRPG

Come to Daddy_B&T_pic

Come to Daddy cover

EDIT 2015|11|19: After some technical difficulties, Come to Daddy is now available in print from DTRPG ūüôā

EDIT: Apparently someone over at DTRPG must approve that I made the print book available to the public. And apparently that might take some time. The book should be available soon!

Coming home from my conference yesterday, the print proofs had arrived! They look OK, so now you can get the printed version of the book from DTRPG as well as from Lulu.

Print version buyers get the PDF for free.

Available in both Swords & Wizardry Complete and Blood & Treasure formats!


Message from Lazy Sod Press | Change of pricing and sales model

After circa 1 month of introductory prices on DTRPG I’m now changing the pricing. The books will no longer be Pay-What-You-Want, but they will have a discounted and very¬†reasonable price from now¬†up to Christmas.

The reason for this is that I have sold about 500 units since October 1st (when the first book went online on DTRPG), but very few have actually paid for the PDFs and if I’m going to be able to include cool art in the future at least some of that art must be financed by earlier products.

I’m still waiting for the print proofs for both No Country for Weak Men and Come to Daddy. Shipping has taken like forever, but hopefully they will arrive soon and will then be available in print. And bying a print book will always include the PDF for free.

Also, I would really like OBS to add the possibility to run info like this on the publisher page on DTRPG/RPGNow. As it is, there is no way of communicating with customers over there, other than sending them annoying emails.

Lazy Sod Press announcement | PDF downloads moving


Since my adventures now are moving over to DriveThruRPG, I will remove the downloads here on the blog. There’s really no need for mutliple download sites.

The first one out is “No Country for Weak Men“, where both versions are being taken offline on Sunday the 11th of October (the coming Sunday).

The adventure is available as a Pay-What-You-Want PDF on DTRPG (and soon a PoD version will be available as well Рwaiting for the proofs).

Over the next week or so, I plan to move “Come to Daddy” to DTRPG also (PDF and PoD), and when it’s accepted there it will be taken down from my private download site.

Both books (in Blood & Treasure as well as Swords & Wizardry format) are already available in PoD versions on Lulu.

The associated map PDFs and all the other assorted shorter PDFs will however remain on the blog.

Future adventures, such as Fiery the Angel Fell (for FH&W and S&W) and Per Aspera Ad Inferi III – Klaatu Verata Nictu (for B&T and S&W) will DTRPG release only (with PoD options available on both DTRPG and Lulu).