Blog Merge

I’ve been thinking of merging my game blogs into one for a while now. I currently have 3 active blogs:
-Nerd-O-Mancer of Dork (OSR and d20 gaming)
-Liber Malum (d100 gaming)
-Per Aspera Ad Inferi (Dark Fantasy & Horror gaming)

It has become a hassle to regularly update the blogs, as I tend to write on things and games that I have going on at the moment. Also, some topics overlap between the blogs.

Over the foreseeable future I will migrate stuff to my main blog (this one). I suspect there will be some hassle with links and pictures, so it will probably be some time before things have landed.

Anyway, it’s good to have decided what to do ūüôā


Renaissance review

Renaissance review

So you think you’re original, right? A while back I decided to name my new OpenQuest Ravenloft campaign “Age of the Raven“. And just now, I stumble over this blog, with a good review of Renaissance RPG. What is it called? Age of Ravens!

Small world, eh? Or great name? Anyway, if you’re interested in Renaissance, read the review!