New dark fantasy Christmas themed monsters. Part III – The Eaters

Eater (or Greencap). By dawnrazor.

Welcome to the 3rd post in this series. Today we take a look at the Eaters – Santa’s little terrible helpers:


Small Humanoid, Chaotic (CN), High Intelligence; Tribe (2d10)

HD: 1

AC: 12

ATK: 1 weapon (1d3 + special*) or bite (1d3 + special*)


SV: F12, R15, W14

XP/CL: 100/ CL 2
The Eaters are the Yule Demon’s little helpers, and they are the ones most often encountered when Sandy Claws comes to town. They are the ones kidnapping and molesting people in their homes, or leaving their disgusting ”gifts” at people’s doorsteps. Eaters attack with knife and fork and sometimes with spoons!

As they are in constant telepathic contact with the Demon at all times, they will obey its commands instantly.
Special Qualities: Immune to cold. Magic resistance 20%. Piranha attack*. Vulnerable to fire (takes double damage). Full move in the deepest of snow. Vulnerable to cinnamon, ginger and light (-2 to attacks). Cannot pass doorways with mistletoe.

Spells: 3/day – invisibility (broken if the Eater enters combat)

*Piranha attack– The Eaters attack in large numbers, and like piranhas, they can devour a creature in no time. For every successful Eater attack, the victim must roll a Fortitude save (LL: use Death/Poison save). If the save is successful, nothing happens (more than the loss of hp). If unsuccessful however, the defender also loses a point of constitution. This is to simulate that the Eaters are eating you alive! When CON reaches zero, you are utterly devoured…

Advanced Piranha Option:

This option is for…darker games! Basically, the more hp you lose in a combat round against the Eaters, the larger die you roll on the table below. If you use the advanced piranha attack, skip the basic one above.

•1-4 hp lost to Eaters in a combat round – roll 1d4 + number of hp lost

•5-9 hp lost to eaters in a combat round – roll 1d6 + number of hp lost

•10-15 hp lost to eaters in a combat round – roll 1d8 + number of hp lost

•Eater critical hit (natural 20) – roll a d10+ 2x number of hp lost

This damage can only be healed by powerful magic or a skilled surgeon (if such individuals exist in your campaign world).

d4/d6/d8/d10 roll Eater special damage
1 Finger lost- difficult to hold stuff
2 Toe lost – movement impaired
3 Nose lost – smell lost 
4 Ear lost – hearing worse
5 Rear body part lost – movement worse by 1 category
6 Hand lost – can’t hold stuff
7 Foot lost – movement impaired + can’t run
8 Eye lost – bad eyesight + -1 to hit
9 Lips lost – communication problems
10 Face chewed off! – see 3, 8, 9 + lose 1d4 CHA 
11 Ouch! Crotch gone! – see 5 + lose 1d6 extra hp + talk in a high-pitched voice… 
12+ Shshshshsh… I ate his liver with some Favabeans and a nice Chianti… Serious internal damage! Lose 1d8 extra damage, and be overcome by shock and disgust (unable to act for next round)

Example: Slobbo the Halfling is attacked by 5 Eaters. He is hit several times, and takes 6 hp damage in total this round. The GM rolls 1d6+6 and reads the result on the chart. The GM rolls a 3 so the total is 9. Slobbo’s lips are gone, and he can’t communicate properly. The consequences of the damage described in the table is decided by the GM. Maybe you role-play the situations, or maybe there are penalties to abilities. In that case Slobbo could lose 1d2 CHA or something along that line.

Stat conversions for other OSR-ish games:

Armor class (AC): S&W 7 [12]; LL 7
Move (MV): S&W 12’; LL 120’ (40’)
Save (SV): S&W 17; LL As Fighter 1

New dark fantasy Christmas themed monsters. Part II – The Yule Wolf

Yule Wolf. DIY by dawnrazor.

Next up in this little series is the Yule Wolf:



Medium Animal, Chaotic (CN), Animal Intelligence; Pack (Unique creatures – 13 are known to exist)

HD: 4

AC: 14

ATK: Bite (1d8 + trip)

MV: 50 (Fly 90)

SV: F11, R10, W17

XP/CL: 400/CL5

Similarly to the Yule Demon, the Yule Wolves come from the Lands of Dream, pulling the evil spirit’s bone chariot across the skies. They are larger and more muscular than normal wolves, and some sages say that they are a hybrid of wolf and hyaena. Their pelts are dark grey and the eyes emit a fiery yellow glow. As they are in constant telepathic contact with Sandy Claws at all times, they will obey its commands instantly. If they hit, they get a free trip attack* (p. 56, B&T Complete).
Special Qualities: Immune to cold. Magic resistance 10%. Trip attack. Vulnerable to fire (takes double damage). Full move in the deepest of snow.


Stat conversions for other OSR games:

Armor class (AC): S&W 5[14]; LL 5
Move (MV): S&W 20’; LL 180’ (60’)
Save (SV): S&W 13; LL As Fighter 4

*Special Qualities Conversion notes: The trip attack is an ordinary attack. If it hits, the defender rolls a save (LL: Breath Attack) to fully avoid the trip attempt. If the save is unsuccessful, the defender is tripped and is knocked prone on the ground. The next round all attacks are at +2 against him.


And tomorrow, the last X-mas themed monster will arrive: Santa’s little helpers: The Eaters!

New dark fantasy Christmas themed monsters from Lazy Sod Press

Evil Santa by jokerfan001@deviantart

Merry Christmas gamers! My present to you today is the first of three Christmas themed monsters!

Here’s the ancient malignant nature spirit known as Sandy Claws

In the Lands of Eternal frost, Yule-time is a time of fear. For it is then the malignant spirit of Yule comes to punish the evil and sometimes reward the good…in it’s own way. It comes across the skies in a bone-rattling chariot drawn by huge Yule Wolves, attended by hordes of Eaters, Sandy’s little helpers. The Yule Demon usually arrives on the 24th day of the Darkest and Coldest month of the year, and stays for 3 horror-filled days. Most of the hard work is carried out by the Eaters, but sometimes the Yule Demon pays a special visit to someone worthy…

Yule critters from the Land of Frost...part I

The malignant Yule spirit known as Sandy Claws…


Large Outsider, Chaotic (CN), High Intelligence, Unique creature

HD        8     
AC        14 [+1] (Only hit by +1 weapons or better)
ATK       2 claws (1d6), bite (1d8) and tail (1d6)
MV        40
SV         F 7, R 8, W 6
XP         2000 (CL 10)

Special Qualities: Immune to electricity and poison. Magic resistance 30%. Rend attack (claws and tail). Vulnerable to fire (takes double damage).

Spells: At will–invisibility, dispel magic, detect good, detect evil, fear, teleport (no error),  ; 3/day–plane shift (Dreamlands), psychic crush

The Yule Demon comes from the Lands of Dream, feeding on broken dreams and hopeless wishes. In it’s twisted mind all flesh beings are naughty and evil and in need of punishment. Sometimes, however, it leaves gifts in the form of body parts from the punished, or it will even let someone return to the village as a Son of Yule – an undead parody of its former self. It is in constant telepathic contact with all its servants at all times, and can summon 2d10 Eaters and 1d8 Yule Wolfs at any given time. It has no eyes, but can “see everything” using some other sense.

The above stats are for Blood & Treasure. I realize that B&T might not be on everybody’s game shelf, so I’ve included some ideas for conversion below:

Armor class (AC): S&W 5 [14]; LL 5
Move (MV): S&W 15′; LL 150′ (50′)
Save (SV): S&W 8; LL As Fighter 8
Spells: Use equivalents from your favourite game

Tomorrow, we will follow up with Santas little helpers – the Eaters (or Greencaps).
Note: There will be a short adventure based on these monsters in the future! Get ready!