Drawing S:t Hexen

S:t Hexen going on

S:t Hexen going on

2014-05-11 22.20.52 HDR

Dark fantasy town in progress

Coffee, good drawing book from Tiger and some thin pens from Japan.

This started out as S:t Hexen, a small creepy town in Nexus Mundi, but darn, it’s getting out of hand! I think this will be the main town in the area, and S:t Hexen will be much smaller.

This town is situated on a group of islands forming a delta in a large river. I was inspired by an old map of medieval Cork.


S:t Hexen – a creepy little town

Arriving at S:t Hexen…

As I’m working on the final touches for our next game – Ravenloft using the OpenQuest 2 rules engine, I’ve also started sketching on the next project:

The creepy town of S:t Hexen, in the southwestern parts of Caligari.

The world is Nexus Mundi, which in turn are my hack on The World Between of Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque fame.

Yesterday evening was spent in the bed with a fresh Moleskine notebook and my trusty Muji 0.5 pen, jotting down ideas and concepts – lo tek style.

I’ve also decided to try out the Fantastic Heroes & Witchery OSR rule set for that game. In my opinion, the most Fantasy Horror-y game of the OSR bunch.

I will post notes and stuff here along the way…

“You can always check in, but you can never leave…” – Grumble Crackpötz, Inn Keeper & Purveyor of Fine Meats

“Aaaaaaagh…” – Herr Doppelstöcker, Travelling merchant, last seen at the “Halber Mensch” Tavern (now missing)