Update on the Lulu printed versions of my adventures

Just wanted to tell you that I just uploaded new versions of four PDFs to Lulu:

Per Aspera Ad Inferi I: No Country for Weak Men (B&T ed.)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi I: No Country for Weak Men (S&W ed.)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (B&T ed.)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (S&W ed.)

So now it’s just to wait for the print proofs… As soon as I can confirm that they are OK, the books will be available again 🙂

And now – back to my new adventure!

Teaser: Come To Daddy – new OSR adventure for Blood & Treasure and Swords & Wizardry

PAAI2 teaser

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II – Come To Daddy

Finally the sequel to “No Country For Weak Men” is doing serious progress. And here I present the adventure’s cover with art by David Lewis Johnson (of Pappy Cromdar’s Whizbang Zoo fame). It is about a crazy mutant killer cannibal viking family and their dark secrets. Slasher meets vikings meets fantasy D&D meets body horror kind of stuff. The adventure have swelled out from my original concept, with new adventure locations, new monsters, new NPCs and so on and I think you guys will like it! I have opted to set no hard deadline as I do this purely for my own private enjoyment and when the writing spirit sets in. However, most of the writing and much of the layout is done. I might redraw some of the maps as I’m not 100% happy with how the scans turned out (I traced the area maps on tracing paper from my original pencil scribbles and that paper looks crap when scanned). Hopefully, I will have a 1.0 version to send to a few select reviewers by the end of next month and after a that I will release the PDF. As last time, this will be a free PDF. First in Blood & Treasure format, then I will set loose a Swords & Wizardry Complete version for the fans of that system. The adventure will be about 50-60 pages in A5 format, with a reasonably big font to be usable on tablets and in the dim light at the gaming table. That is what I have been up to lately instead of blogging and Google plussing 🙂