Life getting in the way of game writing


Since we came home from our family vacation in Thailand about a month ago, I’ve been struggling with time for my RPG writing projects.

My work load has been high and on top of that there has been evening activities almost all weekdays (both kid activities and work related). And on the personal plane, there’s a lot of other things happening in my life as well.

In my line of work (where I write a lot) I’ve noticed that I perform best under a certain time press. But on the game writing side the stress just seem to effectively put a lid on creativity, thus killing the inspiration.

This has been frustrating, as I was aiming to release a new adventure module around Christmas. I guess that won’t happen…

So, is it only me, or do you guys have these issues as well?



New book From Frog God Games. Again.

Just when the last Kickstarter – Borderland Provinces – is wrapping up, Frog God Games announces a new Kickstarter for The Blight – a huge horror fantasy city campaign.

Do I want it? Yes.

Have I got the funds? No.

Gaah. I’m already trying to save up to get the Northlands and Cyclopean Deeps books… Because Frog God Games books are awesome, and their world – The Lost Lands – is everything that Forgotten Realms is not.

It’s darker, more low fantasy and with a sprinkle of Lovecraftian horror sprinkled into the mix.

This rapid-fire publishing rate is a bank account killer…

Anyways – here’s the link to The Blight!


Message from Lazy Sod Press | Change of pricing and sales model

After circa 1 month of introductory prices on DTRPG I’m now changing the pricing. The books will no longer be Pay-What-You-Want, but they will have a discounted and very reasonable price from now up to Christmas.

The reason for this is that I have sold about 500 units since October 1st (when the first book went online on DTRPG), but very few have actually paid for the PDFs and if I’m going to be able to include cool art in the future at least some of that art must be financed by earlier products.

I’m still waiting for the print proofs for both No Country for Weak Men and Come to Daddy. Shipping has taken like forever, but hopefully they will arrive soon and will then be available in print. And bying a print book will always include the PDF for free.

Also, I would really like OBS to add the possibility to run info like this on the publisher page on DTRPG/RPGNow. As it is, there is no way of communicating with customers over there, other than sending them annoying emails.


Come to Daddy now on DTRPG

PAAI2 teaser

The 80+ page adventure Come to Daddy is now available on DriveThruRPG as a Pay-What-You-Want PDF in B&T as well as S&W format. The PDF also comes bundled with the map book, so all materials come in a package. Furthermore, a PoD Print option is coming soon.

This means that the Come to Daddy download here on the blog will be taken down Sunday the 18th October.

I’m also awaiting the print proofs for No Country for Weak Men, which should arrive in my mailbox any day now. And if they look dandy, I will immediately make them available.



Announcement | Lazy Sod Press is now on DTRPG

I just set up a publisher account with OBS/DTRPG.

No products there yet, but they will come when I have the time. Today, no. I have family stuff to do and must prepare for our Blood & Treasure game tomorrow. I have such wondrous things to show the players 😉

Why DTRPG? Well, to increase chances of people finding my stuff of course. So now Lazy Sod Press will have three interfaces with “the market”:

  1. This blog – free PDFs and extra map files
  2. LULU – print versions at cost
  3. DTRPG – Pay What You Want PDFs (+ print versions at cost further up the road)

However, this will still be a hobby project. On the other hand, I hope that some of my costs for art will be covered. The ideal would be a zero-sum deal, but I don’t think I’ll ever get there…:)