Lazy Sod Press | Player handouts for “Come to Daddy” available

Torgils Journal DTPRG

I made these player handouts for my own current Come to Daddy game and decided to share them.

There is on containing a summary of the Ritual of Banishment and one summary of what can be gleaned from Torgil’s Journal.


Available for free from DriveTHRU RPG or from here.

Don’t know what “Come to Daddy” is? Check here.


Lazy Sod Press | Come to Daddy now available in print on DTRPG

Come to Daddy_B&T_pic

Come to Daddy cover

EDIT 2015|11|19: After some technical difficulties, Come to Daddy is now available in print from DTRPG 🙂

EDIT: Apparently someone over at DTRPG must approve that I made the print book available to the public. And apparently that might take some time. The book should be available soon!

Coming home from my conference yesterday, the print proofs had arrived! They look OK, so now you can get the printed version of the book from DTRPG as well as from Lulu.

Print version buyers get the PDF for free.

Available in both Swords & Wizardry Complete and Blood & Treasure formats!


Update on the Lulu printed versions of my adventures

Just wanted to tell you that I just uploaded new versions of four PDFs to Lulu:

Per Aspera Ad Inferi I: No Country for Weak Men (B&T ed.)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi I: No Country for Weak Men (S&W ed.)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (B&T ed.)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (S&W ed.)

So now it’s just to wait for the print proofs… As soon as I can confirm that they are OK, the books will be available again 🙂

And now – back to my new adventure!

Come to Daddy available in print!

EDIT: 2015|08|10

The print proofs from LULU had some problems with them so I’ve taken down the printed version until I can fix it.


My first game book in print

As of today, the evil that is Daddy’s Farm in the Silent Valley, can be experienced in printed format.

A5-format with full color covers and black & white inside content.

Get it now!

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (for Blood & Treasure)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (for Swords & Wizardry Complete)

Next up is print versions of Per Aspera Ad Inferi I: No Country for Weak Men!

New adventure for Swords & Wizardry | Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy_blog pic

Come to Daddy – S&W flavor

As promised, here I present the Swords & Wizardry Complete compatible version of Come to Daddy, part 2 of the Per Aspera Ad Inferi trilogy.

Read more about the adventure here!


Review of Come to Daddy

Another review of Come to Daddy

Review of No Country for Weak Men


| High Quality version | Low Quality version | Map Pack |

Those who missed Part I of the trilogy can find it here: No Country for Weak Men (S&W)

On demand, there will also be a Fantastic Heroes & Witchery version of the adventure, as well as POD versions on LULU. First print proof is en route to me right now!

Enjoy, friends 🙂

PS. Permanent links for my downloadable stuff are in the Loot section of the blog (d100 stuff in the Alexandrian/Miskatonic Library). DS.