Teaser: New adventure for FH&W and S&W in the works


Fiery the Angel Fell – new adventure for FH&W and S&W

So. Back to normal routines after a short but nice summer vacation. The last weeks have been hectic with planning for the fall semester, job trips and research, rendering time for RPGs virtually zero. Doesn’t it suck when you realize after three days at work that your time is booked for months to come…

Anyway, today I did some progress on my new adventure module: Fiery the Angel Fell. This adventure is for Fantastic Heroes and Witchery and I will release a Swords & Wizardry version further up the road.

Fiery the Angel Fell is not a part of the Per Aspera Ad Inferi saga, but no less dark.The setting is a brooding quasi-eastern European realm with dark forests and craggy mountains. The basic premise is that children have been disappearing in the area and the PCs are hired to go to investigate an old monastery (complete with a leper colony!) in the nearby mountains. There will be plenty of opportunities to be a hero or to die horribly trying 😉 The opposition will be monstrous monks, a most devious succubus, new custom demons and a mad angel among other. What’s not to like, eh?

Maps, text and layout by me and art by David Lewis Johnson.

As usual, the PDF will be free from this blog, and there will be a Lulu PoD version as well, all in A5-format. There will also be separate map/handout packs and I will try to make maps with and without grids to appease different preferences (if I figure out how…)

Here’s a mock-up of the cover to wet your appetite!


Update on the Lulu printed versions of my adventures

Just wanted to tell you that I just uploaded new versions of four PDFs to Lulu:

Per Aspera Ad Inferi I: No Country for Weak Men (B&T ed.)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi I: No Country for Weak Men (S&W ed.)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (B&T ed.)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (S&W ed.)

So now it’s just to wait for the print proofs… As soon as I can confirm that they are OK, the books will be available again 🙂

And now – back to my new adventure!

Come to Daddy available in print!

EDIT: 2015|08|10

The print proofs from LULU had some problems with them so I’ve taken down the printed version until I can fix it.


My first game book in print

As of today, the evil that is Daddy’s Farm in the Silent Valley, can be experienced in printed format.

A5-format with full color covers and black & white inside content.

Get it now!

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (for Blood & Treasure)

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy (for Swords & Wizardry Complete)

Next up is print versions of Per Aspera Ad Inferi I: No Country for Weak Men!

New adventure for Swords & Wizardry | Per Aspera Ad Inferi II: Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy_blog pic

Come to Daddy – S&W flavor

As promised, here I present the Swords & Wizardry Complete compatible version of Come to Daddy, part 2 of the Per Aspera Ad Inferi trilogy.

Read more about the adventure here!


Review of Come to Daddy

Another review of Come to Daddy

Review of No Country for Weak Men


| High Quality version | Low Quality version | Map Pack |

Those who missed Part I of the trilogy can find it here: No Country for Weak Men (S&W)

On demand, there will also be a Fantastic Heroes & Witchery version of the adventure, as well as POD versions on LULU. First print proof is en route to me right now!

Enjoy, friends 🙂

PS. Permanent links for my downloadable stuff are in the Loot section of the blog (d100 stuff in the Alexandrian/Miskatonic Library). DS.

New OSR adventure: Come to Daddy – part 2 of the Per Aspera Ad Inferi trilogy

Come to Daddy_B&T_pic

Come to Daddy – A literal nightmare on earth

“The battle with the barrow-draugr had taken the most of our energy, and we barely escaped with our lives. The gnome was sorely injured in the leg and everyone was frozen to the bone. The horses and most of our supplies were still left in the draugr cave, where we had to abandon it to save our hides. Times looked bleak and despair had set in for real when Halross shouted:

“-Hey, I see a farm over there”

A farm out here in the outback? Strange, but in our current situation the prospect of a warm fire and some hot soup seemed like a gift from heaven. Slowly, we started our descent alone the snow filled slopes towards the cosy farm.”

 Most fairy tales end with a ”happily ever after”

This is not one of those tales

In Come To Daddy, the characters end up in the clutches of a most evil family of crazy viking mutant cannibal killers and their weird monster creations in the middle of a frosty nowhere

The place is also haunted by the souls of some of their unfortunate victims and full of lethal traps for the unwary

Surviving this adventure will take both brawn and brain as well as a major dose of luck

And as if that is not enough, far more sinister things are lurking in the shadows, waiting to be unveiled

Welcome to nightmare on earth


Welcome to Daddy’s Farm

My family’s always been in meat 

– Torgil Rodbrok, mutant cannibal lycanthrope killer

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh – mercy, please! 

– Arne Swart, former merchant

EDIT: 2015|07|06 added two review links

EDIT: 2015|07|11 updated adventure PDF with a section on how to get the players involved

EDIT: 2015|07|25 Added a third review link

Hey kids. Here it is. Part II of the Per Aspera Ad Inferi trilogy. Eighty+ pages of dark fantasy mayhem that would make Jason and Freddy Krüger run to mommy. Written & mapped by me (Anders Hedenbjörk Lager aka dawnrazor) and superbly illustrated by David Lewis Johnson and Jim Magnusson.

The adventure is written with Blood & Treasure Complete in mind, but is easily used with whichever old school system you prefer. It is also completely free, for your gaming enjoyment. The adventure is intended for 4-6 brave characters of level 4-6, but not balanced in any traditional way (I ran it for a group of 5 characters of level 5-6).

For those not so keen on conversion, there will be a Swords & Wizardry Complete version in a few weeks or so.

Review of Come to Daddy

Another review of Come to Daddy

Review of No Country for Weak Men


Adventure PDF (hi-def for print)

Adventure PDF (lo-def for screen)

Map pack PDF (hi-def for print)

Map pack PDF (lo-def for screen)

And for those who missed Part 1:

No Country for Weak Men (Per Aspera Ad Inferi part I) (B&T version)

No Country for Weak Men (Per Aspera Ad Inferi part I) (S&W version)