You are about to enter the Realm of the Nerdomancer…

Welcome to Nerd-O-Mancer of Dork, a blog about pen-and-paper Fantasy role-playing

Lazy Sod Press logo whitegames and related topics. I write about the games I play and read at any point in time. Currently, I’m mostly into d100/BRP games like OpenQuestCall of CthulhuRenaissance, Magic World and Basic RoleplayingWarhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e (and to some extent Zweihänder) are other favorites as well as Symbaroum. I play Dungeons & Dragons and various variants as well, but at the moment my interest in the D&D-sphere is pretty low.

For SF games like TravellerCyberPunk 20202300AD,  and River of Heaven check out my SF blog: Delta Quadrant.

This blog is also the home of Lazy Sod Press, my do-it-yourself publishing imprint. Shorter stuff is available for free in the download sections of the blog:

  • Loot for D&D stuff (old school to new)
  • Alexandrian Library for d100 fantasy stuff
  • Miskatonic Library for Call of Cthulhu stuff (which will move to my dedicated CoC blog soon)

My complete adventures are available in PoD print on Lulu and as PDFs and PoD print on DriveThruRPG.

I do this purely for fun, so posting and publishing frequency is a bit uneven, but you have to live with that 🙂


/dawnrazor aka Anders

*Coming soon



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