You are about to enter the Realm of the Nerdomancer…

Welcome to Nerd-O-Mancer of Dork, a blog abot pen-and-paper role-playing

Lazy Sod Press logo whitegames and related topics. I write about the games I play and read. This means various versions of Dungeons & Dragons and clones/neo-clones of that game. I’m also into d100 games like OpenQuestCall of CthulhuRenaissance and RuneQuest.

In the future I will add posts on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e as well.

For SF games like TravellerCyberPunk 20202300AD,  and River of Heaven check out my SF blog: Delta Quadrant.

This blog is also the home of Lazy Sod Press, my do-it-yourself publishing imprint. Shorter stuff is available for free in the download sections of the blog:

  • Loot for OSR and D&D stuff
  • Alexandrian Library for d100 fantasy stuff
  • Miskatonic Library for Call of Cthulhu stuff

My complete adventures are available in PoD print on Lulu and as PDFs and PoD print on DriveThruRPG.

I do this purely for fun, so posting and publishing frequency is a bit uneven, but you have to live with that 🙂


/dawnrazor aka Anders

*Coming soon


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