D&D out. Call of Cthulhu and Warhammer in.


Warriors of the Old World on the march…

The last 5 years I have mainly GM:ed and played D&D style games – old school, new school and clones. I’ve felt an increasing urge to move over to other RPGs for a while, but for some reason we have always come back to D&D. At this point in time I feel a tad burned out on D&D-style gaming – it’s like eating pizza every day. And the same type of pizza as well.

Time for GM preparation and play is scarce these days and coming back to a simple and well known system is of course tempting. The other main reason is player demand. Or so I thought.

The last month I have reached out to the other players and discussed what to play next and it turns out that they long for some good old Call of Cthulhu, so I’ve decided to start up a Masks of Nyarlahotep campaign – an adventure that I have wanted to run since the 1990s!

And after the first chapter of Call of Cthulhu I aim to run another favourite of mine – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I’m a bit worried about this since I haven’t ever GM:ed WFRP and I have very little play experience – basically a handful of sessions of WFRP 1e with a very weird (and lousy) GM back in the day. A few years ago I got hold of the WFRP 2e book and a bunch of supplements and immediately felt that it was right up my alley. I have since collected more of the 2e books from here and there, so now I have a serious source of materials to read up on!

Looking forward very much to the adventures of the coming fall!

I’m not dumping D&D forever, but at the moment I’ve had my fill of that particular style of gaming. I will continue to write on my ongoing D&D-style adventures though…:)

Lazy Sod Press | Player handouts for “Come to Daddy” available

Torgils Journal DTPRG

I made these player handouts for my own current Come to Daddy game and decided to share them.

There is on containing a summary of the Ritual of Banishment and one summary of what can be gleaned from Torgil’s Journal.


Available for free from DriveTHRU RPG or from here.

Don’t know what “Come to Daddy” is? Check here.


Back in the Keeper of Arcane Secrets seat…

New Call of Cthulhu blog up!

Sanity Zer∅

Call-of-Cthulhu-Investigation 1920s True Detectives from the upcoming French 7th ed Call of Cthulhu

A few years back I ran a separate Call of Cthulhu/d100 gaming blog called Liber Malum for about two years. I then decided to merge my then three blogs into one combined blog for all RPG systems and settings.

However, I’ve decided to keep a sepratate CoC blog again since (a) many D&D/OSR people aren’t interested in d100/CoC gaming and (b) vice versa.

To keep things unified I’ll repost this blog’s posts to my main RPG blog Nerd-O-Mancer of Dork.

The main purpose of this blog is to serve as a place to keep our game session recaps for my upcoming Masks of Nyarlahotep campaign with the Fistful of d20s crew, but also to share adventures and other home made CoC things for other CoC aficionados.

This will be a pure CoC blog, maybe with some occasional general…

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The Stars Are Right! Investigation time again!

2016-06-11 15.33.14

Ye Olde Cthulhu Bookes!

Change of plans.

I had originally planned to run the new D&D 5e Curse of Strahd set in Ravenloft next, but after some thinking and discussion with my players I’ve decided to postpone 5e in favor of some Call of Cthulhu goodness!

So, next up after we wrap up our adventures in the Lost Lands from Frog God Games, will be the mega-classic world spanning Masks of Nyarlahotep (MoN).

This is something that I have been looking forward to since the early 1990s. Back then, a gamer buddy had recommended MoN as one of the best Call of Cthulhu adventures he had ever played and I was on the hunt for a new CoC campaign as my group had recently finished Spawn of Azathoth and I was now running shorter adventures in Lovecraft Country.

Sadly I couldn’t find the elusive box set anywhere. It was very out of print and back then there was no internet, no ebay and certainly no PDF versions of old game books. I scoured the game shops in the area but to no avail. However, my favourite FLGS had a copy of the then brand new mega-campaign Horror on the Orient Express which I purchased instead and which we played in various constellations for about one and a half year before our group split up due to life. By then we had managed to get as far as to the beginning of the Sofia chapter. In 2011, I decided to reboot the campaign and we finished it after a 17-year hiatus thanks to the slightly deranged in-character notes of one of my players in the guise of Dr. Franz N Schwein, parapsychologist (I wrote a post about it here).

Also, back in 2010-11 I finally got hold of the limited edition reprint of the Complete Masks of Nyarlahotep and it has been sitting there on my game shelf begging for attention since then.

Well, now the Stars Are Right and I have started preparations for the game. I also have the MoN Companion draft that was released for free some years ago and will probably pad out the already massive campaign with some side adventures from other sources.

I will run this adventure in a pulpy style, much reminescent of Indiana Jones and The Mummy, which is the style my group prefers. And by the way, one of my players is a bona fide archaeologist who’s specialized in egyptology. How cool is that when they reach Cairo?

There’s also lots of cool extra MoN stuff to be found on the internets: movies, game trailers, beautiful handouts, maps and good advice on running this classic, which I will cover in a later post. And play session reports/recaps will be posted over at our group’s WordPress site. When we played Horror on the Orient Express I used Obsidian Portal, but I have since switched over to WordPress in combination with file sharing via DropBox. Much cheaper and works equally well.

And finally, I will stick to my beloved 6th edition rules. They can pry my old CoC books from my SAN 0 hands…;) Refuse! Resist!

(Yeah, I know – I will probably succumb and get the new pretty 7th ed rules at some point, but not now…)



Planning games: Greyhawk Dawn

Greyhawk Dawn kopia

“Logo” for my new 5e Greyhawk game

Soon it is time to take a break from “Season 1” of our Lost Lands game and move to Curse of Strahd.

As I was thinking of how to introduce the players to Ravenloft this time I decided to have them drawn into the mists, old school style. And then I need a world to draw them from.

As I have mentioned before, Forgotten Realms isn’t really my cup of tea. One thing I dislike is the extent of canon for FR. Another is the generic high fantasy feel of the FR books as well as the assumption of a vast quantity of magic items on the market as well as all those high level NPCs that are running around.

Also, I wanted to move this game to a new setting that I can use for future 5e games and I wanted to play in one of the TSR classics: Mystara, Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk.

So I have been digging out my old TSR world-boxes and read some as well as studying the maps. For me, Forgotten Realms fell away at once (I have the 2e box set as well as the 3e book). Then, Mystara was discarded as well (I have the 2e box set) despite my old love for the Known World setting, which I disliked more and more as I read the official Mystara books.

Which left me with Greyhawk. I have the 1983 box and a bunch of 2e stuff as well as the 3e Living Greyhawk book. And the Paizo maps on top of that.

Funny thing is, that back in the day, we never used the Greyhawk setting in any of the groups I played with. It was all home brew back then.


Das ist ein groovy combo, yes?

I think that it will be fun to try out 5e D&D in this classic setting. This is also where all the old classic modules are located. Maybe we’ll try out one of the converted classics after our foray into the Mists…

After playing through Curse of Strahd, I might also go for a pure Ravenloft game based on the Domains of Dread tome in combination with the 3e Ravenloft books from Arthaus.

Anyway, when deciding to use Greyhawk as my material plane world, I decided to check if there’s any online resources usable for 5e Greyhawk, and it turns out that there are some: 

World of Greyhawk for 5e (very good base site for 5e GH)

Canonfire 5e Greyhawk forums

From the Sorcerer’s Scroll blog

Greyhawk Grognard blog

Anna B Meyer Greyhawk Maps

Paizo Greyhawk map(s)

Classic Modules Today (about converting classic modules to 5e)