Teaser: Come To Daddy – new OSR adventure for Blood & Treasure and Swords & Wizardry

PAAI2 teaser

Per Aspera Ad Inferi II – Come To Daddy



Finally the sequel to “No Country For Weak Men” is doing serious progress. And here I present the adventure’s cover with art by David Lewis Johnson (of Pappy Cromdar’s Whizbang Zoo fame).

It is about a crazy mutant killer cannibal viking family and their dark secrets.

Slasher meets vikings meets fantasy D&D meets body horror kind of stuff.

The adventure have swelled out from my original concept, with new adventure locations, new monsters, new NPCs and so on and I think you guys will like it!

I have opted to set no hard deadline as I do this purely for my own private enjoyment and when the writing spirit sets in. However, most of the writing and much of the layout is done. I might redraw some of the maps as I’m not 100% happy with how the scans turned out (I traced the area maps on tracing paper from my original pencil scribbles and that paper looks crap when scanned).

Hopefully, I will have a 1.0 version to send to a few select reviewers by the end of this month and after a that I will release the PDF.

As last time, this will be a free PDF. First in Blood & Treasure format, then I will set loose a Swords & Wizardry Complete version for the fans of that system. The adventure will be about 50-60 pages in A5 format, with a reasonably big font to be usable on tablets and in the dim light at the gaming table.

That is what I have been up to lately instead of blogging and Google plussing :)

Recap of Session 6 – “Age of the Raven”


Session recap: Ravenloft “Night of the Walking Dead” using the OpenQuest 2 rules.

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Dramatis Personae

Slingbill | Human Monster Hunter | Mats

Sigurd Slapptask | Human Bounty Hunter | Flan

Quatsing | Caliban Avenger | Martin

Ernie ”MacWyvern” Lint | Elf Survivalist | Berndt

Iznogoud | Caliban Dashing Rogue | Djuro

Session Six – Dead by Dawn

After having talked to Constable Gremin, you went to pay a visit to the village Priest – Shaman Brucian. Dawn was beginning and the extent of the damage and violence from the passing night became evident in a much visceral way. Dead and undead bodies everywhere, where they had fallen in battle. No one answered at the priest’s house, so you invited yourselves and searched the house, but no evidence of foul play was uncovered. Next, you went to the church nearby. A lot of villagers was laying out rows of bodies in various states of decay in front of the church. You found the priest inside, working to help his flock.

The Priest…

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Taking a break from online activity

Art by pervandr (deviantart)

Just a short message to my little circle of readers, who might have noticed that very little is going on here at the moment.

I have decided to take a break from online activities and focus on my new work assignments and on my family. I have long felt that online activities take up far too much valuable time, so now I have deactivated my Twitter and Facebook accounts and try to spend less time on G+ also.

The little time I have for gaming, I try to use for creating adventures for my at-the-table gaming group(s) and I’m also continuing work on some free PDFs to be released as they are finished. I now try to enjoy the writing process as opposed to while back when I sometimes felt stressed to “produce” content for the online community. (That was probably some of my work standards spilling over to my hobby).

Anyway, I will keep up this blog, but not post that often. And hopefully, with more actual gaming content when I have something cool to share.