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Buddy the Elf

Dear Gamers!

First of all I’d like to wish you all a Happy Holiday.

Over here in the cold Northlands, Christmas Eve is the big day, when we eat too much, hang out, and most important for the kids – give each other gifts. The family is still asleep, but I was awakened by the dang dog, so I have some free time with a cuppa coffee and the computer.

As it’s Christmas Eve, I have a gift for you guys:

Starting 2018, all my game stuff will be free or Pay-What-You-Want for some new items. Print items will naturally have a print cost attached to them. Free and PWYW items will be hosted by me on the blog or on DTRPG. Print items will be on Lulu.


It seems these days everyone wants to earn a few coins by publishing stuff that we would share freely a few years ago. Personally I’m pretty tired of OBS, Patreon, Dungeon Master’s Guild and whatnot, so by offering my stuff at no cost I officially step off that train and go back to the sharing concept. Also, this way no one can tell me what I can and cannot publish anymore. I’ve been thinking of this for a long time and now I’ve decided. And maybe I’ll start a new trend ūüėČ

Punk’s Not Dead and all that.

The consequence will be that I won’t be able to pay for art anymore, so adventures will be text and maps only. Or, maybe some artists will join the free concept and contribute with a few pieces of art.

Now you know.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all gamers everywhere!



Their roots go deep my lord…




New old books!


After a number of years searching for The Riddle of the OSR Clones, I’ve decided to scrap all that and go back to my original D&D infatuation – Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

It all began a while back when I sat down and started reading in my old DMG, and I realized that I have all I need as far as D&D goes right here.

I still have my old books from back in the day and a bunch of adventures on top of that. And new OSR style stuff can easily be ported over if I should want.

At this point, I’m kinda burned out on D&D-ish games and I currently run Call of Cthulhu. After that, I plan to run some Symbaroum. After that, I reckon it’s time for some true old school AD&D, warts, high Gygaxian, and all! However, I plan to start some good old world building¬†right now! Back in the day, I didn’t have money to buy setting stuff so I put my meager¬†wealth on rulebooks and a few adventures, which I placed in my homebrew world along with homebrew adventures. For the new world, I will start small and then expand as we go. Back then I had this world map that I tried to fill with content, which turned out to be a killer job.


RQ first map

The first part of my old world, heavily influenced by the RQ2 maps by William Church. This world eventually grew much bigger and as a side note I used the same setting for b/x, AD&D and RuneQuest 2.


Even if we began with Moldway/Cook b/x, AD&D is the game I ran the longest during those early formative years and one that I remember fondly. I worked extra selling newspapers on the weekends to afford the PH and DMG and I got the MM from my grandparents one Christmas in Gothenburg. As the books came out I got them all and over time we added UA, OA and the Survival Guides as well. And I think that all those complicated extra rules were the beginning of the end for me. The game had gotten very complicated with all those extra rule mechanics and when AD&D 2nd edition was announced I redirected my interest towards RuneQuest 3 and other games instead.


2014-12-22 - 1

Reading my brand new MM, somewhere in the 80’s…

To commemorate this historic return to AD&D after 28 years (sic!), this week I treated myself with the limited edition AD&D Premium Reprints, which arrived yesterday. These are among the last new copies in Sweden and I even had to order the Monster Manual from Germany as it is sold out over here (I believe it will arrive next week). The reprints are of awesome quality and I¬†honestly can’t understand the critique that some people have¬†directed towards the illustration quality ‚Äď I think the illos are perfectly fine. Much crisper than the old books and fully functional in all their old-school ugliness/coolness. And definitely¬†cheaper than the D&D 5e books. I also got myself a battered REF1 GM screen for a very reasonable price. Never had one of those as I used a home made one back in the day.

Drawing of the adventuring party by one of my players (Johan Emanuelson), just before we stopped playing AD&D. From left to right: Emir – Fighter (w/ an unhealthy interest in pretty rocks); Sven – Fighter (badass); Daag – Assassin; Jean d’Arc – Paladin (of course); Zeb – Ranger (stinky and dirty); Casmir – Thief (sneaky and always ready to betray the other PCs. After getting caught red-handed stealing from the party, he was placed in a dinghy far out at sea and haven’t been heard from since).

I plan to run the game as written, using stuff like to-hit modifications vs. differents AC:s and segments – things we didn’t use back in the day. After reading the books with adult eyes, I see that we let a lot of b/x-isms flow over to our AD&D games. The only thing I will add is some kind of simple task resolution system, preferably based on attributes.

I also like the fact that nothing new will be added to the game – no new splatbooks or whatever. This means that I can concentrate on what I have and build my own stuff from that. As for future publications from the Lazy Sod, I might switch focus from Blood & Treasure to OSRIC instead. Haven’t decided on that yet.

Final note: For those who might have noticed that my online presence has diminished greatly compared to before, I am still here. However, an increased workload and other personal issues have eaten up a lot of my spare time. I still run (and occasionally play) games. I still write gaming stuff. It’s only that I don’t post that much or publish stuff anymore. And besides the personal stuff, my interest in sharing and discussing online has petered out in direct relation to the increasingly combative, opinionated and aggressive online climate and I simply don’t have the time or the interest to argue over non-game related issues with strangers online. I have enough of struggles in real life, and I don’t need it in my escapist feed as well. It’s as simple as that.




Beyond darkness…

My new Kult blog, for those that might be interested…

Ultra Tenebris

About a year back, Helmgast announced that a new edition of Kult was in the works and launched a kickstarter for the new game. By coincidence, the new edition of Delta Green was kickstarted almost simultaneously. These two are among my absolute favorite RPGs, all categories, and I had a really hard time choosing which one to support. It ended up being Delta Green, mainly because I really like the d100/BRP system and because the new edition of Kult was to be based on Apocalypse World, which really isn’t my cup of tea.

However, the advent of a new Kult edition did reignite my interest in Kult and for a while I had this idea that I was going to write a Kult hack for Delta Green, but it turned out to be extremely tedious, so recently I decided to run some good ole’ Kult goodness using the original rules. Over the…

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Castles & Crusades session 2



Git da she-elf!


Last week, I ran session 2 of A0 – Rising Knight with my 11-year old daughter.

We began with her descending the stairs down into the dungeons below the temple ruins. Using stealth and smart tactics, she managed to outsmart and slay the guards in the first room and then continued to explore the underground temple.

She had several encounters with more goblins and in the old ogre quarters, she found the hidden treasure (where I had added a few small vials of healing). Delving deeper into the structure, she came upon the second guard room and the battle that ensued was fierce. She managed to slay all four goblins, but was wounded down to 1 hp! Luckily, she had that potion of healing, because then I rolled for a random encounter and four more goblins descended on her! She managed to defeat two of them and then resorted to retreating further into the temple, and that’s where we had to stop for the day.

She’s now considering to flee back to Malforten to recruit more adventurers, or maybe try to lure out the goblins to enable her to delve further into the dungeon.

Funny thing was, that in the beginning, she felt bad about slaying the goblins, and tried to beat them unconscious and tie them up instead, but after they tried to kill her, she immediately changed her tactics to more “standard dungeon operating procedure” instead.

I’ve also decided to use the Fate point mechanic from the CKG in this game, to give her a fair chance of completing the adventure alive.

All in all, a fun session 2 and we’ll continue in a few weeks when she’s back from her mother’s place!

Castles & Crusades with my daughter today!




Eryn the Elf Ranger. By my daughter.


Premi√®re for Castles & Crusades with my daughter today! She’s 11 years old and my hope for gaming ūüôā I’ve tried to hook her older brother on RPGs for several years now, but he doesn’t seem to get the thing with fantasy or sci-fi, or gaming. Truth to say, he’s more of the sporty type. And of course – music, buddies, and girls are more interesting to him at this point. My daughter, on the other hand, is all into fantasy and is devouring Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and other fantasy classics appropriate for her age.



Pink gaming scene. Sitting on the floor like in the beginning.


Yesterday was character generation day and she made an Elf Ranger. I suggested a second character as she’s the only player but she wanted to run just one character. To boost her chances a bit I gave her an animal companion – a white wolf that she’s had since it was a little cub – an idea that she just loved.

We started with her having just arrived in the little village of Malforten, where she spoke to people and got her “mission” – to track down the notorious gnoll bandit leader Gritznak and his gang of goblinoid no-good’s that has terrorized the area for a long time.



Rolling dice is fun!


She started out by going to the Craggy Ridge hill north of the village, to get an overview of the terrain. Up there, she found distinct tracks from several wolves, which she thought might be goblin riders (I’ve seen The Hobbit – duh!). She then tracked them along the river for several days, meeting no one, into the badlands of the western part of Fallow Hills. In the first night up there, she was attacked by two goblin zombies but managed to slay them using her two short swords (and with the assistance of the wolf of course). The next day she found the creepy statue of the Horned One and managed to find the hidden path leading to the temple ruins. The night is coming and she just found the hole with the stairs down into darkness… And that’s where we had to stop today’s session. Awesome fun!

It was the first time I ran Castles & Crusades so it was premi√©re for us both, and I must say that it was a very pain-free experience. The SIEGE Engine takes a little to get used to as GM, but it’s logical and dead simple and worked like a charm. I like. I just included the Players Handbook for starters, but will add stuff from the other books over time. If the game works this good over coming sessions I will definitely use C&C for my main game group as well, retiring Blood & Treasure for a while.

The adventure looked a little bland when I read it, but as we played I immediately saw lots of adventure hooks in the area. However, I dearly miss maps of Malforten and a better map of the area, as the original area map doesn’t make sense when compared to the big Aihrde maps. These little hiccups aside, I think that A0 – Rising Knight is a solid “beginners sandbox”.

And tomorrow, we’ll continue into the darkness below the ruins…