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Ultra Tenebris

About a year back, Helmgast announced that a new edition of Kult was in the works and launched a kickstarter for the new game. By coincidence, the new edition of Delta Green was kickstarted almost simultaneously. These two are among my absolute favorite RPGs, all categories, and I had a really hard time choosing which one to support. It ended up being Delta Green, mainly because I really like the d100/BRP system and because the new edition of Kult was to be based on Apocalypse World, which really isn’t my cup of tea.

However, the advent of a new Kult edition did reignite my interest in Kult and for a while I had this idea that I was going to write a Kult hack for Delta Green, but it turned out to be extremely tedious, so recently I decided to run some good ole’ Kult goodness using the original rules. Over the…

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Castles & Crusades session 2



Git da she-elf!


Last week, I ran session 2 of A0 – Rising Knight with my 11-year old daughter.

We began with her descending the stairs down into the dungeons below the temple ruins. Using stealth and smart tactics, she managed to outsmart and slay the guards in the first room and then continued to explore the underground temple.

She had several encounters with more goblins and in the old ogre quarters, she found the hidden treasure (where I had added a few small vials of healing). Delving deeper into the structure, she came upon the second guard room and the battle that ensued was fierce. She managed to slay all four goblins, but was wounded down to 1 hp! Luckily, she had that potion of healing, because then I rolled for a random encounter and four more goblins descended on her! She managed to defeat two of them and then resorted to retreating further into the temple, and that’s where we had to stop for the day.

She’s now considering to flee back to Malforten to recruit more adventurers, or maybe try to lure out the goblins to enable her to delve further into the dungeon.

Funny thing was, that in the beginning, she felt bad about slaying the goblins, and tried to beat them unconscious and tie them up instead, but after they tried to kill her, she immediately changed her tactics to more “standard dungeon operating procedure” instead.

I’ve also decided to use the Fate point mechanic from the CKG in this game, to give her a fair chance of completing the adventure alive.

All in all, a fun session 2 and we’ll continue in a few weeks when she’s back from her mother’s place!

Castles & Crusades with my daughter today!




Eryn the Elf Ranger. By my daughter.


Première for Castles & Crusades with my daughter today! She’s 11 years old and my hope for gaming 🙂 I’ve tried to hook her older brother on RPGs for several years now, but he doesn’t seem to get the thing with fantasy or sci-fi, or gaming. Truth to say, he’s more of the sporty type. And of course – music, buddies, and girls are more interesting to him at this point. My daughter, on the other hand, is all into fantasy and is devouring Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and other fantasy classics appropriate for her age.



Pink gaming scene. Sitting on the floor like in the beginning.


Yesterday was character generation day and she made an Elf Ranger. I suggested a second character as she’s the only player but she wanted to run just one character. To boost her chances a bit I gave her an animal companion – a white wolf that she’s had since it was a little cub – an idea that she just loved.

We started with her having just arrived in the little village of Malforten, where she spoke to people and got her “mission” – to track down the notorious gnoll bandit leader Gritznak and his gang of goblinoid no-good’s that has terrorized the area for a long time.



Rolling dice is fun!


She started out by going to the Craggy Ridge hill north of the village, to get an overview of the terrain. Up there, she found distinct tracks from several wolves, which she thought might be goblin riders (I’ve seen The Hobbit – duh!). She then tracked them along the river for several days, meeting no one, into the badlands of the western part of Fallow Hills. In the first night up there, she was attacked by two goblin zombies but managed to slay them using her two short swords (and with the assistance of the wolf of course). The next day she found the creepy statue of the Horned One and managed to find the hidden path leading to the temple ruins. The night is coming and she just found the hole with the stairs down into darkness… And that’s where we had to stop today’s session. Awesome fun!

It was the first time I ran Castles & Crusades so it was premiére for us both, and I must say that it was a very pain-free experience. The SIEGE Engine takes a little to get used to as GM, but it’s logical and dead simple and worked like a charm. I like. I just included the Players Handbook for starters, but will add stuff from the other books over time. If the game works this good over coming sessions I will definitely use C&C for my main game group as well, retiring Blood & Treasure for a while.

The adventure looked a little bland when I read it, but as we played I immediately saw lots of adventure hooks in the area. However, I dearly miss maps of Malforten and a better map of the area, as the original area map doesn’t make sense when compared to the big Aihrde maps. These little hiccups aside, I think that A0 – Rising Knight is a solid “beginners sandbox”.

And tomorrow, we’ll continue into the darkness below the ruins…


GM thoughts on WFRP

Some GM thoughts on WFRP

Grit & Filth

wfrp3 Adventurers…

This last weekend we played our yearly Mega-Game™ and the game this time around was WFRP 2e. The Mega-Game has been a tradition in our table group for some years now. The concept is – meet up quite early on Saturday, play all day (with a break for lunch if needed), then some BBQ and beer (or some other nice dinner) and then continue playing as long as we feel for it. 

Anyway, as this was the first WFRP game for me as GM and the first for the majority of the players as well, I’d like to comment on our initial impressions, which can be summarized as awesomesauce!


I love the gritty setting and the little “in-character stories” that are in the books as they really inspire play. The players didn’t know much of the setting but behind the screen, it was easy for me to envision and describe…

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Live as you learn|Status update II



Cool art by


No work today, as it’s National Day here in Sweden, and I thought I might blog a little…

Following my own advice from last week’s blog post, I’ve started to prune my gaming collection, selling off games and supplements that probably never will be used at my game table.

I’ve started this before but never quite “finished”. This summer, however, I will get rid of a lot of stuff: several editions of RuneQuest (RQ3, Mongoose RQ1, maybe RQ6), most AD&D 2e stuff, a lot of OSR stuff (mainly rule books), several editions of Traveller (Traveller T4, Traveller: The New Era, MegaTraveller) + a lot of mixed RPG stuff that I’ve collected over the years.

(I’m chiefly selling these books here in Sweden, but if any of you international people are interested, I ship worldwide as well).

And it feels good to get rid of all these things! It’s Zen at it’s finest 🙂

So what will I save?


  • OpenQuest 2*
  • Mongoose RuneQuest 2 (now known as Legend*, with the Glorantha stuff filed off)
  • River of Heaven*
  • Call of Cthulhu (6th and 7th editions)
  • Renaissance/Clockwork & Chivalry*
  • Basic Role-playing (Big gold book)
  • Delta Green*
  • Chaosium RuneQuest 2**


  • Dungeons & Dragons 5e*
  • Castles & Crusades
  • Blood & Treasure* (the only OSR game I’ll keep)
  • AD&D 1e**


  • Mongoose Traveller 1e*
  • 2300AD (GDW & Mongoose)
  • Cepheus Engine*

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

  • WFRP 2e
  • Zweihänder*

*= Open game system (or open-ish at least)

Between these remaining games/systems, I think I can cover most genres and playing styles.


“Hey dudes! Look at that cool bag of holding!” -LAST WORDS OF KYSTER McSCHMUCK, HALFLING FOOTPAD

I will also keep most setting books for whatever system they were originally written for – good for stealing stuff and/or getting inspiration.

I will also keep all monster books.

You can NEVER have too many monster books 😉