Old school home brew art

Pencil/pastel drawing on printer paper. By Johan E. Ca 1989

Pencil/pastel drawing on printer paper. By Johan E. Ca 1989


My talented friend and player Johan drew this picture of the player party back in 1989 something. We played AD&D back then, and these characters had a lot of mileage under their belts.

From left to right:

Emir – Weak Fighter with an obsession for nice rocks.

Sven Svan – Not-so-weak Barbarian with a bad attitude.

Daag Vaag – Crazy up-to-no-good Thief and Raconteur.

Jean d’Arc – Up-to-good Paladin and protector of…well…all.

Zeb – dirty and smelly Ranger who never got out of his leather armor. Never.

Casmir – slick, sneaky and above all greedy Thief. Never to be trusted with gold or valuables.

As some might recognize, the pictures are based on the old Citadel miniatures we actually used in-game.


Found in my attic a while ago. There’s a rpg treasure up there!


Treasures from the Attic

by Jörgen Svensson | ca 1985

by Jörgen Svensson | ca 1985

My buddy and at the time neighbor, Mr Jörgen Svensson, one day decided that he shouldn’t play AD&D any more. As he knew, I had a bi-monthly AD&D game going on, so he donated two binders of assorted notes: characters, NPCs, locations and the miscellaneous notes and scribbling of a GM.

Now, Mr Svensson is a talented artist, so there were some cool drawings and some very cool maps in those binders.

Here’s a drawing of the great city walls of Zarginport. I suppose it’s the capital of his home-brew World of Zarginland.

Stay tuned for some cool city and village maps.