New Dungeon: The Draugr Tomb

Draugr Tomb II


I got an unexpected free afternoon today, so I drew this little thing.

I used a Muji 0.5 pen, Kuretake Zig 0.3 and 0.2 pens on thick drawing paper. Free-hand, no grid.

It’s a most evil dungeon in my sandbox the Silent Valley in Frostreave (World Between).

As you surely have deducted, this place is full of nasty undead, out to eat your brain, swallow your soul and other such things the undead revel in.

When I designed/played this adventure I used a heavily modified version of a map I found on Dyson Logos site, but I wanted to have a clean version that I made myself, since I’m statting this one up for sharing as a mini-module.

It will be Part I of a trilogy of adventure locations in the Silent Valley.

Hope you like it.

And thanks to Dyson for being an inspiration in hand-drawn map land.




3 thoughts on “New Dungeon: The Draugr Tomb

    • Thanks man! Hope it works out ok. If it’s not too much work, please keep me updated on how you stock it and how the session went! I’m making a short adventure PDF that I’ll eventually share. Just have to consolidate my game notes in a readable way…


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