Blood & Treasure and Swords & Wizardry galore!

The last week has seen some heavy roleplaying (at least for me, that is).

Last Sunday, we ran our yearly MegaGame™, meaning a whole day of gaming including lunch and BBQ & beer in the evening. Sadly, not all could attend, but it was awesome nevertheless. We began at 10 am and played until 10 pm, then some BBQ. (And sleepover for me as I live in another community). The rest of the family was away, so we could really release our inner nerds 🙂

Here’s a session recap if you’re into such things.

Basically, we managed to finish The Wizard’s Amulet and a large chunk of the main scenario in The Crucible of Freya using the Blood & Treasure rules.

2015-07-05 11.06.37

GM’s view 1

2015-07-05 11.06.34

GMs view 2

2015-07-05 19.10.30

Taking on the orcs in the Keep (Crucible of Freya)

2015-07-05 19.10.33

Things are looking bleak…

A few days later I got to play a session of Swords & Wizardry Complete with my kids.

It was session 2 of Tomb of the Iron God and they got to delve deeper into the tomb and met a lot of mean goblins that they managed to defeat by some smart “create chokepoint” tactics. Eventually, they got outsmarted and got a two-front battle as a detachment of goblins snuck up from behind, but they managed to block a door and could hold their position long enough to win the fight.

2015-07-09 13.43.05

Tactics discussion

2015-07-09 13.43.08


2015-07-09 13.43.18

New generation of RPG nerds 🙂

Next week I will run two sessions for my regular group – an extra session on Wednesday and our usual session on Sunday.

Fun times!