5th edition SRD published

D&D DMG full cover art

A few days ago Wizards of the Coast released the SRD and OGL for 5th edition D&D. Then it only took a day for an online SRD to appear (links below).

D&D 5e SRD & OGL (PDF)

D&D 5e SRD (online version)

Along with the release of the license, Wizards also launched a new D&D online purchase/upload site in collaboration with OBS. There, all editions of D&D are collected and it is also the place to self-publish your stuff. Check it out below:

Dungeon Masters Guild


I must say that I quite like most parts of core 5th edition even if some things still rub me the wrong way. I guess the trick is to view it as a wholly new game and not compare it with it’s older versions all the time.

What I like considerably less is the new mega adventures. That, and the Forgotten Realms setting.  When I read them I feel…nothing. However, the new SRD gives hope for seeing new awesome 3rd party adventures. And I know 5e is fun from my online games as a player. So I probably just have to convince the old grognard GM in me to run a game. I’m thinking in Ravenloft of maybe in Kobold Press’ Midgard setting.