1983 home brew fantasy map found!

My first RQ map. By dawnrazor, circa 1983

Yesterday I found this – I think it’s my first RuneQuest map ever. This is the lands of Eslerog.

Fans of Chaosium’s RQ2 will recognize the style from the William Church map in the RQ2 book. And names nicked from everywhere.

At the time I didn’t have hex paper so I used ordinary college squared paper and some battered Faber Castell pencils from school. I didn’t have Cults of Prax either, so I just made some cults up, based on names from the core rule box.

I’m sorry about the crappy scan and the blue lines – I have to learn to clean up old scans better, but I wanted to share as I got so happy for finding this! Never thought it still was around.

Lots of adventures were had here. We even used it for b/x D&D as I merged it with the “Known World” later.