Announcement | Lazy Sod Press is now on DTRPG

I just set up a publisher account with OBS/DTRPG.

No products there yet, but they will come when I have the time. Today, no. I have family stuff to do and must prepare for our Blood & Treasure game tomorrow. I have such wondrous things to show the players ūüėČ

Why DTRPG? Well,¬†to increase chances of people finding my stuff of course. So now Lazy Sod Press will have three interfaces with “the market”:

  1. This blog ‚Äď free PDFs and extra map files
  2. LULU ‚Äď print versions at cost
  3. DTRPG ‚Äď Pay What You Want PDFs (+ print versions at cost further up the road)

However, this will still be a hobby project. On the other hand, I hope that some of my costs for art will be covered. The ideal would be a zero-sum deal, but¬†I don’t think I’ll ever get there…:)