A treatise on Darkvision


It’s called Darkvision these days. Before that it was Infravision, but the basic idea is similar:

Somehow, all demi-humans (except halflings in some editions) can see in the dark, most often 60 feet.

And I say it sucks.


Darkvision takes away the suspense of being in a dark creepy location far underground and moreover destroy the suspense for the human players who have to struggle with torches and lanterns.

My solution is to reduce darkvision and infravision to low light vision. That is, like a cat or other nocturnal animal, these characters need much less light to see due to their eyes being much more sensitive to light. This also means that there have to be at least some light for them to see. Pitch dark = no vision. If a a human can see 30 feet in torchlight, the demi-humans will see double that, or 60 feet.

I think that this little mod will increase the suspense of being alone in the dark!

And of course, this only goes for our demi-human heroes and other demi-humans and humanoids. Many monsters can see just fine in the dark, just like before…