Lazy Sod Press adventure giveaway | Print winners!

Ye Books!

Ye Books!

And we have two lucky winners of a printed pair (and PDFs) of these books – determined by the black d18:

Stu White and Mick Reddick *applause*

You will get an email from me where I will ask for a physical shipping address and preferred e-mail (for the PDFs). And of course which version of the books you prefer!

Please come back to me here or on Google Plus if there are any hiccups.

Congratulations guys 🙂

Next up will be the five (sic!) winners of PDF versions of the above!



Lazy Sod Press adventure giveaway!



Christmas Goat. By fellow Swede John Bauer.

About an hour ago (12.00 UCT+1) the admission to participate closed. And now we have 18 contestants for the 7 prizes!

18 is a good number, as I have a d18 lying in my DCC dice bag! Sometime this weekend I will roll for the winners.

Basically, I will enter the names into a numbered list in the order of your comments on the blog.

I will then randomly roll for (i) print winners (2) and (ii) PDF winners (5). Any double results will be ignored and rolled again until we have the stipulated number of winners.

The winners will be announced in a new post on this blog and I will then contact all winners to get contact info for shipping etc.

And remember – if you win – please consider writing about the advenures! It can be a session recap from play or a review.

That’s it from Lazy Sod Press today.

And Happy New Year to all gamers!