Lazy Sod Press | Announcement


Buddy the Elf

Dear Gamers!

First of all I’d like to wish you all a Happy Holiday.

Over here in the cold Northlands, Christmas Eve is the big day, when we eat too much, hang out, and most important for the kids – give each other gifts. The family is still asleep, but I was awakened by the dang dog, so I have some free time with a cuppa coffee and the computer.

As it’s Christmas Eve, I have a gift for you guys:

Starting 2018, all my game stuff will be free or Pay-What-You-Want for some new items. Print items will naturally have a print cost attached to them. Free and PWYW items will be hosted by me on the blog or on DTRPG. Print items will be on Lulu.


It seems these days everyone wants to earn a few coins by publishing stuff that we would share freely a few years ago. Personally I’m pretty tired of OBS, Patreon, Dungeon Master’s Guild and whatnot, so by offering my stuff at no cost I officially step off that train and go back to the sharing concept. Also, this way no one can tell me what I can and cannot publish anymore. I’ve been thinking of this for a long time and now I’ve decided. And maybe I’ll start a new trend ūüėČ

Punk’s Not Dead and all that.

The consequence will be that I won’t be able to pay for art anymore, so adventures will be text and maps only. Or, maybe some artists will join the free concept and contribute with a few pieces of art.

Now you know.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all gamers everywhere!



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