Castles & Crusades session 2



Git da she-elf!


Last week, I ran session 2 of A0 – Rising Knight with my 11-year old daughter.

We began with her descending the stairs down into the dungeons below the temple ruins. Using stealth and smart tactics, she managed to outsmart and slay the guards in the first room and then continued to explore the underground temple.

She had several encounters with more goblins and in the old ogre quarters, she found the hidden treasure (where I had added a few small vials of healing). Delving deeper into the structure, she came upon the second guard room and the battle that ensued was fierce. She managed to slay all four goblins, but was wounded down to 1 hp! Luckily, she had that potion of healing, because then I rolled for a random encounter and four more goblins descended on her! She managed to defeat two of them and then resorted to retreating further into the temple, and that’s where we had to stop for the day.

She’s now considering to flee back to Malforten to recruit more adventurers, or maybe try to lure out the goblins to enable her to delve further into the dungeon.

Funny thing was, that in the beginning, she felt bad about slaying the goblins, and tried to beat them unconscious and tie them up instead, but after they tried to kill her, she immediately changed her tactics to more “standard dungeon operating procedure” instead.

I’ve also decided to use the Fate point mechanic from the CKG in this game, to give her a fair chance of completing the adventure alive.

All in all, a fun session 2 and we’ll continue in a few weeks when she’s back from her mother’s place!


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