D-day tomorrow…

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Sanity Zer∅

nyarlathotep_by_corwin_cross-d5gv67e Nyarlahotep by Corwin Cross


Tomorrow we launch our foray into Masks of Nyarlahotep.

I’ve been wanting to play this campaign since I first heard of it some 25 years ago, but never had the chance. Then, in 2010, I got hold of the Complete MoN limited edition hardcover and now it is time to let the players loose in New York.

Six players will pit their bodies and minds against a god and try to save the world.

Wish me good luck. I’m not nearly as prepped as I should be, as work and life has been extra intense the last few weeks, but I will run it anyway.

And as usual, session reports will be found in our With a fistful of d20’s blog

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