Blood & Treasure Second Edition released +Zweihänder kickstarter


Awesome cover of B&T 2nd ed

Just a quick update here. It seems everything has happened this week that I have been abroad on vacation (with very limited access to WiFi):

  • Blood & Treasure 2nd edition was released of PDF
  • Zweihänder RPG launched a very successful kickstarter last week

I’ve had a quick look at the B&T 2e book and it looks very good. A more in detail review is forthcoming. This is the first of two core books, basically a combination of player’s handbook and GM guide. The Monster book will be a separate volume.

Next up will be the B&T 2e versions of NOD Companion (renamed Esoterica Exhumed) and the Monster Tome (renamed Monsters II).

Book-wise the 2nd edition is a step up from the first. Prettier and better organized (however, I’m so used to B&T 2e now so it’s pretty confusing for me at this point). The PDF is also bookmarked and it has an index! Yay!

The rules are very similar to the first edition. However, the second edition feels like a step away from 3e-isms and nod slightly more towards old school aesthetics. Still, it’s the same game at heart.

Read more here!

The Zweihänder Grim and Perilous RPG KS is ongoing. For those interested, it is a game in the vein of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2e, but evolved to allow gaming in any type of dark fantasy world. Read more here! Kickstarter here.

Fun thing is also that Tanner Yea, who has worked a great deal on Blood & Treasure (both editions) is also involved in Zweihänder RPG. Link to his blog.

As I’m currently planning to take a pause from D&D-ish games in order to play some Call of Cthulhu and  WFRP 2e, this fits me perfectly. I really hope that Zweihänder will become the Labyrinth Lord or Swords & Wizardry of WFRP – reviving this great and unique game that has so many cool things and that always seems to be out of print…




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