On game worlds…


A bit on the Ravenloft side, yes?

I have been thinking of doing a short series of posts on some of the various published worlds (or settings for those who prefer that term) that are out there for GMs and players to explore and adventure in. The main purpose is to provide an easy overview of some worlds/settings with an emphasis on their respective feel. I am also thinking of trying to break down the information into a “stat block” like I did in the Flavors of the OSR series.

As I’m quite stoked about the new 5e version of Ravenloft coming out soon, I think I will start with Ravenloft, which is my absolute favourite D&D setting.

I have also added a new section in the sidebar of the blog called “Worlds/Settings” where I will put links to various online resources for your easy perusal.

If you look there, you will notice that the old TSR/WotC worlds of Forgotten Realms, Greyhawk and Mystara are missing. I have excluded them for now since I do not use them in my games at this point. As you can guess, the worlds I present here will be those that I use (either in play or stealing from) and favor myself as a GM.

I will also present my own world – Terra Innominata – a bit more in detail as it develops.

Also, this series will be completely game edition agnostic.


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