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2016-02-13 13.19.07

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Dear gamers,

For a while now I have felt that my little self-publishing project has gone off-tracks in a gamer philosophy way.

When I set out to do this, the goal was to give back free or low cost gaming stuff to the online gamer community. I wanted to contribute to the do-it-yourself crowd and I wanted to publish the stuff that I use for my own games, but in a more digested form.

The original idea was that the PDFs should be Pay-What-You-Want and the print books should be at cost. However, DTRPG has no model like this at this point – it is either PWYW or at cost for both versions of your book.

I then decided to go the at cost route for both versions, but to be honest it felt like I was diverging from the path. Looking at the reports from DTRPG, I have noticed quite few PoD sales there. Most customers seem to prefer the PDFs and those who want the print version buy them at my Lulu store instead.

Based on this, I will go back to my old publishing model, with print versions available only from Lulu and Pay-What-You-Want PDFs available on DTRPG.

And if someone wants a printed copy but they do not wish to buy it from Lulu, please drop me a line and we can arrange for something.

This new model will be effective as of now (Sat 13th of February).

Over and out


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sod Press|Announcement

  1. I like it,

    just one suggestion: if it’s not a big problem try to get your POD also on Amazon CreateSpace… you will have them in all the world with almost 0 shipping cost (you just throw in an additional book at an already existing order, or if you have prime you just order the book) it’s a fundamental thing for RPG POD in my experience… Both LULU and DTRPG have higher post cost (LULU is the worst in this, but to keep it down with DTRPG you must go for ground delivery and no tracking of the books… so long so well for me)

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