New Year’s RPG resolutions


Achtung! Cthulhu

About 10 hours left of 2015 here and I think it’s time for some gaming New Years Resolutions.

Since the group I play with can only play about one 6-7 hr session once a month on the average it takes like forever to play larger adventures, not to mention campaigns. Add to that the tendency to never read materials or prepare outside gaming sessions and you have a pretty good picture of my group.

I’ve realized that I  have to adapt if this is going to work. Hence, I’m going to make some changes for next year:

  • Use relatively simple and easy-to-remember rules, still with enough options to cater for all my player’s (and my own) needs.
  • I decide what systems and settings to use – democracy is over – I’m going all Montesquieu on their a**es.
  • I will run games TV-series style episodes (sessions) and seasons (3-5 sessions of the same game), then change for another system and setting. The players will get an invitation to join each season and if they accept they’re in. This way I expect to get new players into the folds as well. Which is needed with the old group.
  • Why? To keep my GM spirits high and creative and not get stuck in certain patterns. Also, I’m a bit burned out on D&D style fantasy at this point.

My play wishlist for next year is:

  • Achtung! Cthulhu (using 6th Ed Call of Cthulhu rules)
  • Cthulhu Dark Ages (using 6th Ed Call of Cthulhu rules)
  • Traveller (using Mongoose Traveller in the 1248 millieux)
  • Castles & Crusades (in the Haunted Highlands setting)

Averaging 10-12 sessions per year, that’s 3-4 sessions per game. With shorter adventures and maybe pregens it’s feasible. Or we just skip Cthulhu Dark Ages.

Other than that I think I can manage one gaming session a week – so if I GM my home group I’m open to 2-3 online sessions a month. At this point I’m involved in three online games – FH&W, D&D 5e (dormant) and a game of Renaissance Cthulhu (d100 game). It will work I hope.

I have just been offered a job as Director of Studies for the Dental Education in Malmö Uni, and I expect that to be a time sink, but I hope that I can keep up the current amount of gaming.

On the publishing side of things, my goals for next year is one major publication (Fiery the Angel Fell) and maybe 1 or 2 shorter ones. As my life works now, I think I will have to postpone part 3 of the Per Aspera series (Klaatu Verata Nictu) until 2017. I will begin work on ot, but I don’t think I will manage to put out a finished product in 2016. But you never know 😉

Anyway, Happy New Year gamers of the world!

This is Commercial Starfreighter ¨Dawnrazor¨ signing off going into jumpspace…


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