New dark fantasy Christmas themed monsters. Part II – The Yule Wolf

Yule Wolf. DIY by dawnrazor.

Next up in this little series is the Yule Wolf:



Medium Animal, Chaotic (CN), Animal Intelligence; Pack (Unique creatures – 13 are known to exist)

HD: 4

AC: 14

ATK: Bite (1d8 + trip)

MV: 50 (Fly 90)

SV: F11, R10, W17

XP/CL: 400/CL5

Similarly to the Yule Demon, the Yule Wolves come from the Lands of Dream, pulling the evil spirit’s bone chariot across the skies. They are larger and more muscular than normal wolves, and some sages say that they are a hybrid of wolf and hyaena. Their pelts are dark grey and the eyes emit a fiery yellow glow. As they are in constant telepathic contact with Sandy Claws at all times, they will obey its commands instantly. If they hit, they get a free trip attack* (p. 56, B&T Complete).
Special Qualities: Immune to cold. Magic resistance 10%. Trip attack. Vulnerable to fire (takes double damage). Full move in the deepest of snow.


Stat conversions for other OSR games:

Armor class (AC): S&W 5[14]; LL 5
Move (MV): S&W 20’; LL 180’ (60’)
Save (SV): S&W 13; LL As Fighter 4

*Special Qualities Conversion notes: The trip attack is an ordinary attack. If it hits, the defender rolls a save (LL: Breath Attack) to fully avoid the trip attempt. If the save is unsuccessful, the defender is tripped and is knocked prone on the ground. The next round all attacks are at +2 against him.


And tomorrow, the last X-mas themed monster will arrive: Santa’s little helpers: The Eaters!

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