New dark fantasy Christmas themed monsters from Lazy Sod Press

Evil Santa by jokerfan001@deviantart

Merry Christmas gamers! My present to you today is the first of three Christmas themed monsters!

Here’s the ancient malignant nature spirit known as Sandy Claws

In the Lands of Eternal frost, Yule-time is a time of fear. For it is then the malignant spirit of Yule comes to punish the evil and sometimes reward the good…in it’s own way. It comes across the skies in a bone-rattling chariot drawn by huge Yule Wolves, attended by hordes of Eaters, Sandy’s little helpers. The Yule Demon usually arrives on the 24th day of the Darkest and Coldest month of the year, and stays for 3 horror-filled days. Most of the hard work is carried out by the Eaters, but sometimes the Yule Demon pays a special visit to someone worthy…

Yule critters from the Land of Frost...part I

The malignant Yule spirit known as Sandy Claws…


Large Outsider, Chaotic (CN), High Intelligence, Unique creature

HD        8     
AC        14 [+1] (Only hit by +1 weapons or better)
ATK       2 claws (1d6), bite (1d8) and tail (1d6)
MV        40
SV         F 7, R 8, W 6
XP         2000 (CL 10)

Special Qualities: Immune to electricity and poison. Magic resistance 30%. Rend attack (claws and tail). Vulnerable to fire (takes double damage).

Spells: At will–invisibility, dispel magic, detect good, detect evil, fear, teleport (no error),  ; 3/day–plane shift (Dreamlands), psychic crush

The Yule Demon comes from the Lands of Dream, feeding on broken dreams and hopeless wishes. In it’s twisted mind all flesh beings are naughty and evil and in need of punishment. Sometimes, however, it leaves gifts in the form of body parts from the punished, or it will even let someone return to the village as a Son of Yule – an undead parody of its former self. It is in constant telepathic contact with all its servants at all times, and can summon 2d10 Eaters and 1d8 Yule Wolfs at any given time. It has no eyes, but can “see everything” using some other sense.

The above stats are for Blood & Treasure. I realize that B&T might not be on everybody’s game shelf, so I’ve included some ideas for conversion below:

Armor class (AC): S&W 5 [14]; LL 5
Move (MV): S&W 15′; LL 150′ (50′)
Save (SV): S&W 8; LL As Fighter 8
Spells: Use equivalents from your favourite game

Tomorrow, we will follow up with Santas little helpers – the Eaters (or Greencaps).
Note: There will be a short adventure based on these monsters in the future! Get ready!



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