Life getting in the way of game writing


Since we came home from our family vacation in Thailand about a month ago, I’ve been struggling with time for my RPG writing projects.

My work load has been high and on top of that there has been evening activities almost all weekdays (both kid activities and work related). And on the personal plane, there’s a lot of other things happening in my life as well.

In my line of work (where I write a lot) I’ve noticed that I perform best under a certain time press. But on the game writing side the stress just seem to effectively put a lid on creativity, thus killing the inspiration.

This has been frustrating, as I was aiming to release a new adventure module around Christmas. I guess that won’t happen…

So, is it only me, or do you guys have these issues as well?


One thought on “Life getting in the way of game writing

  1. Always. Especially around this time of year. It’s open season on family birthdays (there are four in the first week of December alone) and then there’s the visitors, the shopping trips, the long and drawn-out celebration itself (the missus’ family are big on extended Christmas-time, whereas I would happily open hostilities at dawn on the 24th and close them at sunset on the 26th with none the wiser). And the nagging feeling that there’ll be two weeks where I don’t get to make any money at all, since nobody commissions any writing over Christmas itself. In theory that’s the perfect time to get RPG stuff done but in practice I spend it fretting myself to death over the next month’s rent.

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