New book From Frog God Games. Again.

Just when the last Kickstarter – Borderland Provinces – is wrapping up, Frog God Games announces a new Kickstarter for The Blight – a huge horror fantasy city campaign.

Do I want it? Yes.

Have I got the funds? No.

Gaah. I’m already trying to save up to get the Northlands and Cyclopean Deeps books… Because Frog God Games books are awesome, and their world – The Lost Lands – is everything that Forgotten Realms is not.

It’s darker, more low fantasy and with a sprinkle of Lovecraftian horror sprinkled into the mix.

This rapid-fire publishing rate is a bank account killer…

Anyways – here’s the link to The Blight!

2 thoughts on “New book From Frog God Games. Again.

  1. Ummm are they serious? $135 backer to get a hardcover copy?
    I’d love to get it but no way. Not only is the frequency of projects brutal, but the backing prices put it out of range of people who want it.
    Yes yes I know you can get a pdf, blah blah blah. I’d rather have the books.

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