Teaser for my new adventure | Fiery the Angel Fell


Fiery the Angel Fell – Lazy Sod Press LSP3FW

A teaser for my upcoming adventure – working at it right now!

Meet Marah – über-succubus, in its natural form… One of the main villains of this dark adventure set in my home brew world of Terra Innominata. It’s the same world as my other adventures, but instead of taking place in the cold viking inspired north, this one is Slavic-inspired, set in the dark and ancient Dvatrač Mountains of Syrmija, (which fits, since I’m half Swedish, half Croatian).

Hope you guys like the cover – it cost me some serious cash. But then, you guys deserve it 🙂

Will be available around X-mas if everything works out. Illustrated by David Lewis Johnson and Jim Magnusson. Cover by Arctic Spring. The rest by me.

Available in Fantastic Heroes & Witchery as well as a Swords & Wizardry formats.




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