Session 5 – Crimmor/Stoneheart Valley (Lost Lands)

Session recap of our Frog God Games Lost Lands game, using Blood & Treasure rules.

With a Fistful of d20's

Flying rats… [Torchbearer Stirge by David Petersen:] Game System | Blood & Treasure Complete

Setting/World | The Lost Lands by Frog God & Necromancer Games

Dramatis Personae

The Old Sleaze | Human Sorcerer 2 | Martin

Make Me | Human Paladin 1 | Martin

Blitz Dunkelsturm | Mountain Dwarf Cleric of Jamboor 3 [Death domain] | Berndt

Hrunkah | Half Orc Thief 1 | Berndt

Angelina d’Monica III | Human Assassin 1 [Acrobat variant] | Djuro

Absent this session

Hoder | Ogre Fighter 2 [Brute variant] | Flan

Fenrir the Vain | Human Barbarian 1 [Thane variant] | Flan

Session Five – It bites!

This session, the PC ranks were enhanced by: 

Make Me the human paladin, of whom we don’t really know much yet. But that can’t be his real name, can it?

Sleaze-O leveled up (Sorceror 2) as did Blitz ze Pückelhübe (Cleric 3).

The session began with the PCs in the relative safety of the room just above what the…

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