Crowdfunding fatigue musings

These days are truly a second Golden Age of role-playing. I remember back in 2007-2008, you had to struggle to find books. I scraped ebay for old D&D and Traveller stuff and about the only publisher that was actually chugging out new product was Mongoose. It felt like RPGs was very dead and that only old farts like me were even interested in playing them.

Fast forward to 2015. My old favorites: old school D&D, 2300 AD, RuneQuest and Traveller are all out in new gorgeous editions, sometimes even in multiple versions. Hell, even KULT is getting a new edition next year. The market is overflowing with cool games made by both professional publishers and DIY people. The PoD option has made micro-publishing possible, much like the 4-channel Porta-Studio made it possible for small amateur bands to get out demotapes in the 1980s.

And it’s awesome.

However, I personally start feel a bit overwhelmed by all these new books and gaming paraphernalia. For me, this overflowing market of new stuff only serves to repel me into not investing in new books, due to some weird mechanism…

I’ve also hit my first case of botched kickstarter. Generally. I’ve been careful with whom I’ve backed, but this time I backed a more unknown person due to a cool book. Recently, it has been silence and then lame excuses of moving, broken down computers etc. Howcome so many computers seem to break down during crowdfunding projects?

In my book, if you take people’s money, you deliver. Period. Or you return their cash. I seriously hope that this guy is telling the truth, computers do break down, and I want to believe him, but this starts to smell fishy…  

How about you, dear readers? Is this overabundance of crowdfunding projects and rpg books turning you away, or is it a good thing?


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