Some thoughts on simple vs. advanced D&D-ish systems

At the gaming table…

This is the first post in a short series where I will discuss my current favourite iterations of D&D-ish games and the reasons for why I like them. I will also have a look at their support, adventure- and supplement-wise.

When I decided to take up playing D&D again some years back, I went for familiar and simple rules, and ever since I’ve considered myself a “simple D&D guy”. But that has changed over the years, and now I prefer a bit more crunch.


Because I want a game that support my style of GM:ing and play in my world.

We played a Rules Cyclopedia game for over a year and during that time it became painfully clear that the old D&D rules didn’t live up to my expectations of what I should be able to do as a GM. (Yes, I know that I can wing it, but I prefer some principal rules over winging).

I then started searching for a D&D version that would combine my game preferences in a cohesive package. This lead to the clones and the OSR.

My preferences:

  • Simple core mechanisms
  • Separate race and class
  • Lots to choose from: spells, classes, player races, gear, monsters etc.
  • A simple and solid non-combat, non-dungeeonering task resolution system
  • Good compatibility with older as well as newer editions of the game
  • Support for both old school as well as new school play
  • Easy to modify for different flavored campaigns (high fantasy, low fantasy, dark fantasy etc.)

That’s about the basic premise of this series.

And yes, it will be some heresies for you old schoolers, but I think you can manage that ūüôā


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