Recap of Session 8 – “Age of the Raven”

Recap of Session 8 of our Ravenloft game (with the OpenQuest 2 rules)

With a Fistful of d20's

A Forest…

Dramatis Personae

Quatsing | Caliban Avenger | Martin

Ernie ”MacWyvern” Lint | Elf Survivalist | Berndt

Absent players this session

Slingbill | Human Monster Hunter | Mats

Sigurd Slapptask | Human Bounty Hunter | Flan

Iznogoud | Caliban Dashing Rogue | Djuro   

Session Eight – The Colour out of the Pool

The 8th session began in the basement below the D’Tarascon Mansion. Iznogoud and Quatsing are in the pool room with wounded Slingbill. Ernie or Sigurd is god knows where…

Iznogoud and Quatsing together drag/carry Slingbill back to the village and seek out the priest (Brucian).

The priest agrees to help with healing Slingbill, and invite the PCs into his humble home.

Iznogoud is still charmed by the charming Swamp Maiden, and wants to take the priest’s liver back to the woman of his dreams, as she asked of him. While the Priest is working with poor Slingbill’s…

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