Sunday fun with Blood & Treasure in Bloodnut Pass

Bloodnut Pass by Matt Jackson

This past Sunday two of the players from my regular group premiered with Blood & Treasure, and the one-shot adventure I ran was Bloodnut Pass by Matt Jackson. We were originally to play When a Star Falls using 5e and with the other GM in our group, but he had been up to his ears in work and hadn’t had time to prepare, so I speed-prepped for this game instead.

I let them roll up two characters each and here’s what they came up with:

Hrunko, 1st level half-orc transgender Thief

Hrunka, 1st level half-orc female Warlock (a Sorcerer variant in B&T)

Ûgnak, 1st level half-orc male Bard

Grûbnik, 1st level half-orc Monk

The premises were that this merry band of murderhobos were en route to an abandoned Wizard’s Tower that they had heard about in the last village down the road (yes, it’s the Tower of the Stargazer). And of course, the way there passed through the ill-reputed Bloodnut Pass.

I will not spoil the module for you, but it was bloody. And nutty. And we had loads of fun! I have noticed that my players always make the best characters and play them best when we run extra scenarios or one-shots. Maybe because they don’t care so much about their characters.

Anyway, I can really recommend this adventure for an evening of dungeon delving. It’s a bit on the “adult” side, but you could of course tone down the worst bits if you run it for a younger group of players.

The PCs also rolled an unusually high number of natural ones (even a double 1 from one player and then another one from the other player), which of naturally led to some hilarious fumbles, and they actually almost TPK’d at the first encounter. Nevertheless, they prevailed and we left off with them spotting a strange tower on a distant mountain range. Even weirder, lightning bolts seemed to loom over the tower and strike it ever so often…

I must also say that the Blood & Treasure rules worked really well. Character generation was quick – it took about 40 mins for two total B&T noobs to roll up four PCs including shopping and selection of feats/talents and spells. We also got to try out my Task resolution hack and some cool combat stunts and moves. For me as GM, it was flowing well. I love this game, but haven’t played it all that much yet due to other ongoing games. Even so, it was really easy to get into and my home-bookmarked PDF really helped to find things quickly. I love books at the table but for quick look-ups, the PDF on a tablet really rocks. We also increased all PC hit dice by one die (i.e. d6→d8 etc.) as well as using d8 for monster HD instead of d6.

I’d call it a bona fide success! Thanks John Stater for B&T and Matt Jackson for an awesome little adventure 🙂

Check out Blood & Treasure here

Check out Bloodnut Pass here


Appendix M

And here’s the B&T stats for the main antagonists in the module:

Deep Dweller

Medium monstrous humanoid, Chaotic Evil, Average Intelligence; Gang 1d12

HD 2 (boss HD 3)

AC 12 (boss 14)

ATK 2 claws (1d4) or bite (1d6) or by weapon

MV 30

SV F15 R12 W15

XP/CL 100/2 (boss 200/3)

Special qualities:Darkvision 60′



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