New Magic Item | Silly Hat of Dancing

Silly Hat of Dancing

Silly Hat of Dancing

Usable by: Magic-Users

Range: Hearing or 40 feet

Charges: 1d8

Description: When put on the head and activated by the words “Staying alive”, all within hearing range must make a saving throw (INT/Will/Spells & Devices) or begin to dance a very intensive jig, complete with jerky arm moves and kicking feet. In essence, this silly dance will make fighting harder (disadvantage/-6 to hit) and will prevent all casters from doing their thing. The “music” will be audible only in the head of those affected. Dancers are allowed a new save each successive combat round, but with -1 to the roll for each missed save. After CON rounds, the dancer will collapse from exertion and drop to the floor unconscious.

Drawbacks: This is of course super awesome. The backside is that the wearer must also save as the victims. If affected, the wearer cannot remove the hat until a successful save is made.

Only a handful of these items exist. It is rumoured that the hats were made by a the Wizard Barüsh-Nikov on commission from the Child-Queen Alsatia of Namatia as she thought her jesters were boring. It is also said that most of those jesters eventually danced themselves to death.

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