Back in the Bayou: the game is afoot!

This is a good gaming week.

Yesterday, I played in Dave Valderhaug’s Forgotten Realms online 5e game: “The Mask That Bleeds“. Fun as always, and with an almost full crew. It’s so cool to play a good ole home brew, no matter what edition number is printed on the books!

And on Sunday, we will run Session 3 of my OpenQuest/Ravenloft game!

Last session was August 24, and after that a lot has happened in real life so I must confess that I have forgotten most of what went down in the adventure, this far. Probably Saturday will be spent re-capping things for myself.

We also lost a player due to life issues. He was to play his first session on Sunday, but backed out.

Anyway, I really look forward to some face-to-face gaming goodness!

And now off for a well deserved after work beer with the buddies 🙂

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