New illustrated version of “No Country For Weak Men”

No country for weak men 2nd ed

Yesyesyes! Here’s a new version of “No Country For Weak Men”.

For those who doesn’t know about it, it’s a free PDF adventure set in a cold northern land. Here’s a review of the 1st version. It is written for Blood & Treasure, but easily converted to your OSR game of choice.

I was quite happy with the old version, but I missed some nice art to give it the right ye olde schoole feel.

Fortunately, Claytonian JP and Jim Magnusson stepped in and helped out with some nice illustrations. For free. So now it’s a bona fide DIY collaboration project come true!

There’s some general fixes of language and layout and I have removed most of the references to Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque due to incompatibility issues between the OGL and the Creative Commons licenses.

Click the pic for a downloadable PDF.

Stay frosty. Or the Draugr will get you.

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