Player problems. Again. [Rant warning]

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Today was scheduled to be gaming day.


As it turned out, my gaming group got other things to do, so in the end we were two participants, and we canceled.

What makes me sad is that we’ve discussed this many times before. Apparently, gaming is not high on the priority list. Some of the guys doesn’t even answer communications.

Still, when we started, I explicitly asked everyone if they wanted to join this adventure and we also made a “group contract” that people would answer communications in good time and try to participate as much as possible. Come on, it’s 5-6 hours per month, or about 1.04% of our waking time (given 8 hours of sleep).

And we all have demanding jobs and families that need attention, so that’s not unique in any way.

Thing is, most of them really love playing and we usually have a great time at the table.

There’s a few really standup guys in this group, but now I feel we must look around for more stable players. Can’t depend on these guys. But I thought we sorted that out before…

Anyway, now there’s not going to be any more face-to-face playing until after my disputation in the end of October.

Luckily, I have an online game going on and another in preparation 🙂

End of rant.


3 thoughts on “Player problems. Again. [Rant warning]

  1. My players are just as unreliable. It’s really not a matter of priority, it’s a matter of keeping your word.

    Oh, and nothing makes me more furious than not returning a text/voicemail/email. Or a series of such. For over a month.

    Simple. Common. Courtesy. Somehow it is no longer taught.


    • Yes. I wonder if they had been as sloppy if it was a BBQ invitation or something like that. Thing is, these are my old buddies since school. We’ve known each other for ages and this was the gang I started out playing RPGs with in the early 80s. Maybe that’s why they feel they can behave like asses. Two of the guys have spouses that takes a very condescending attitude towards RPGs. Maybe that has a bearing on these players behavior. So, any tips on how to get this ball rolling? I feel that common courtesy and agreements doesn’t cut it anymore…


      • Some of mine are old buddies, same timeframe. Some are new. No hints, sorry. I stopped communicating about gaming with the worst offenders, but am still friendly. One actually apologized to me two months later (no explanation though) and asked when the next game was. The others act like nothing’s wrong.


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