New adventure: No Country For Weak Men

No country for weak men

Download PDF here

Yes, it’s free 🙂

EDIT: Larger versions of the Draugr Tomb and the Silent Valley Maps can now be found in the Loot section of this blog.

EDIT 2: When I updated the PDF with markable text, apparently the graphics got worse! I didn’t notice until today. Now, I’ve uploaded a version with crisp graphics. Sorry about that. I’m learning this publishing and PDF software…

EDIT 3: There’s a 2nd edition of this adventure, with better layout and more illustrations. Download:

Blood & Treasure 2nd ed version

Swords & Wizardry Complete version

Somewhere in Frostreave…

“Ever since we left that so-called town at the edge of the land of eternal ice, I’ve been freezing my butts off! And no trace of that were-whatever-thing we’re supposed to hunt down.

Our best scout, Halross, says she’s been passing here, into this valley, but I get a bad feeling from all this silence, frost and snow. It’s empty here. No animals. No tracks. No nothing, but ice and snow. It’s not natural…

And now we’re stuck in this cave. The blizzard has lasted two days now, and our supplies are almost gone. Hell, I’d give a sack of gold for a cold ale and a hot wench in my lap right now.

I can smell the fear of the others – die of starvation or disgust here, or freeze to death out there. And some other not so pleasant smells too… Some choice, huh?

Maybe we can roast that gnome’s pony? Would have been nice with some food now… Or, we just roast the gnome…

Everyone’s on the edge. No sign of the blizzard waning either.  I reckon someone will snap soon…

Well, not me. Guess it’s time we get moving…”

I wrote this 3-part adventure for a weekend game with my old gaming buddies last summer. Despite my fear that the material wouldn’t suffice for 2 full days of gaming, I was wrong. We actually didn’t manage more than half of the adventures. But it was great fun.

I’ve been stealing gaming stuff ever since I discovered the wealth of Old School materials online, and now I want to give something back.

Here it is. ”No Country for Weak Men” is a traditional dungeon, meant to be played the hard way. Dark, shitty and remorseless. And if the Draugr don’t get you the cold or lack of food will…

I think 4-5 level 3-4 PCs would be appropriate, but since I don’t care much about balancing my games that way anymore, I invite GMs to adjust monsters and adversities to fit their needs. I know you will anyway. So, happy gaming. Stay frosty, and you have a chance to survive…

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