PDFs for actual gaming


Up to now I’ve always considered PDFs something extra, something to use when I’m away from my books, or something I have to resort to if the actual book would be too expensive (shipping is a bitch when you live in Europe and all the good games are in the US). I’ve never considered the laptop or tablet a worthy replacement for my books. Even home made stuff gets PDF:ed for print, that I use at the table.

For a year or so, I’ve been a player in a Pathfinder game, and instead of lugging the book I started to just bring my Android tablet and used the PDF or the excellent PF SRD site. And it dawned on me that with proper bookmarking you actually find stuff much easier using electronic media.

The old tablet was very slow with large documents, and screen resolution was too low for comfortable reading, so a few months back I got a high end tablet with awesome resolution. Works like a charm, and while I still like the books better for in-the-sofa casual reading, I’m going to try out just using PDFs for our next game. Also, it’s cheaper, and my overloaded book case can stay the way it is.

Anyway, this made me think of doing some blog posts on using digital media and gadgets for old school gaming.

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