OpenQuest 2: On regaining Divine Magic

Temple detail

In some ways Divine Magic is the most powerful magic in OpenQuest. However, the biggest limitation is how you get your spells back once they’ve been cast.

The rules suggest 3 ways (p 148 OQ2 Core book):

  • Visit a temple and pray or perform in ceremonies on cult holy days – regain all spells (default method)
  • Meditate/Rest/Commune with deity – regain 1 point of divine magic/hour spent in meditation (optional method)
  • Perform a Deed in your Deity’s creed (optional method)

I’ve decided to allow all the methods, since we play in Ravenloft, which originally is a D&D setting (albeit lower in magic than most D&D settings). The meditate method is the most controversial, and I think the rules as written are too beneficial for players, so I added a chance of failure. New rules below. I will also add them to the Codex Divina and upload a new version when I get the time.

Regaining Divine Magic

There are 3 ways to regain Divine magic:

  • Visit a Temple of the deity and pray or participate in ceremonies (as in book)
  • Meditate/Rest/Commune with deity (1 point of divine magic/hour in meditation – see below)
  • Perform a Deed in your Deity’s creed (as in book)

Meditation new rules: After meditation time, roll Lore (Religion) with a +5% bonus to the skill per hour spent meditating. If failed, you can try next day. If fumble roll 1d4 for when new try is allowed: 1=1d6 days; 3=1d6 weeks; 4=1d6 months.

This only applies to the meditation variant though. The Visit a temple and Peform a Deed still works as usual.

(More info: p.148, OQ2)

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