News flash! Fantastic Heroes & Witchery available again!

FH&W style inspirational pic

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery is available again. Now in it’s 2.0 version.

Here’s a link to the game’s web page with more info.

The low-res free PDF has also been released in it’s 2.0 version. The earlier 2 pages per PDF page is gone, which will enhance reading on devices with smaller screens. In the free PDF the spell lists has been removed, so it’s still a little crippled, but I recommend all to have a peak. This is a very cool version of Ye Olde Game, especially if you, like me, are into Dark Fantasy.

And if you want the printed version it’s available from LULU in hardback as well as softback format, and a complete high-res PDF is going to be released at

Good news indeed 🙂


And now I feel I must give FH&W the “Flavors of the OSR”-treatment. Maybe as a 2-part blog post, as the new stuff and differences in this game are so profound, compared to most of the clones/simulacra/whatever-you-wanna-call-this-type-of-games… 


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