My wishlist for the perfect old school game

Yup. The Revenant. Badass old school undead beastie.

Found these notes on the computer just now. A while back (maybe a year or so) I made a short list of stuff I’d like in my ultimate old school game.

Fits rather well with the new post series I started last week, so I’m going to address these things here over the coming months.

More fantastic magic – spell casters shouldn’t be walking artillery
More flexible magic- alternative spell slot system or something like that
More dangerous magic – dare more & risk more
Character development – a more even development curve. Start better, finish earlier and not so powerful.
Less munchkinism – no “character builds”. Less computer game thinking.
Character custom ability – choices to individualize the character (Talents & Feats)
Many classes or class variants
Many races
No race or class restrictions
Simple task system – skills vs tasks
XP – one table for all
XP calculation – XP for goals and actions, not for monsters & gold
Karma points – usable to avoid catastrophe
Insanity rules
Combat – simple but well defined, with cool combat stunts/moves
Simple psionics

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