3 thoughts on “I made a “teaser flyer” for our new Ravenloft game

  1. Looks like an abandoned pre-U.S. Civil War plantation manor house. Very evocative. People I might expect to encounter there:
    The Swamp Thing; Batman; a scientist conducting arcane experiments on human subjects ; the Hulk; ghosts from the U.S. Civil War (either side); ‘gator people; gangsters hiding out with their ill-gotten loot; degenerate/mutated relatives of the last aristocratic family to dwell there (who may not know the war is over).


    • Yeah, I agree. It’s very evocative. We’re going to run the Ravenloft adventure “Night of the Walking Dead” that takes place in Souragne, a weird land of vast swamps, woodoo and…well…walking dead… I really like your associations there. Actually, I sometimes search the web for cool pictures, and then I associate adventures, monsters, NPCs or situations based on them. Thanks for commenting!


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