Game system to use for sharing cool home-brew stuff

A classic depiction of a bunch of grumpy wizards…

A recent post on G+ got me thinking about this.

Given all the various old school systems around at this time – how do you maximize the sharing of stuff with other gamers?

The systems have more in common than differences, and are often easy to convert on the fly, but it’s always nicer not to have to do that.

Of course, you can use the “OSR compatible” thingy, but in my opinion it’s also kinda toned down and using those “least common denominator” stats is kinda…meh. No flavor. Something is lost in translation.

The guy I mentioned on G+ tried to explain why he had chosen Swords & Wizardry for his old school publications, and I must say I’ve been thinking about the same things.

I earlier made the decision to share my home brew stuff using Blood & Treasure’s format. I love that game, but it hasn’t got nearly as many active players as Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord or OSRIC. Or D&D/AD&D for that part.

So what system to use? Do I choose the system I prefer, or one that many can use with ease?

Probably the latter. And then there’s the question of system. For me, it’s between Labyrinth Lord and Swords & Wizardry. I dearly love both, so it’s kinda tough. Probably end up using both, but at the moment I’m leaning towards Swords & Wizardry for sharing stuff. Why?

1. Simplicity – it feels simpler than Labyrinth Lord + AEC
2. One save. Gotta love that. I use it for monsters and bad guys in all games nowadays.
3. Ascending AC – no more tables to track behind the screen. I also use the ascending AC and attack bonus tables from Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque for our Labyrinth Lord games, and it was a huge relief for this old GM! And if you want pure old school, just use descending AC as S&W gives that too.
4. Separate race and class – is what I prefer. For Labyrinth Lord I’d have to specify which version I’m using.
5. S&W has a very nice online SRD. So accessibility might be better. Also, the new full art PDF of S&W Complete is a huge plus. Easy to direct the players to.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…


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